Democratic Senator Kamala Harris knows a thing or two about dealing with being talked over. In the last two weeks alone, the politician was spoken over or cut off men twice during hearings at the Capitol. This week, women of color are sharing their moments of being interrupted, talked over, and mansplained to in solidarity with the senator’s frustrating moments. Along the way, they’re providing non-WOC with a teachable moment on how to help combat discrimination.

Inspired by CNN reporter Tanzina Vega, who first shared her own story of being silenced, many women added their (often appalling) moments of being made to feel less than, unimportant or wrong.

With Vega’s call to arms, some white women also chimed in to point out that this behavior is experienced by white women too. While that’s certainly true, it’s important to listen to and respect the stories shared by women of color when understanding nuances in the silencing they face. It’s also critical to remember that WOC often deal with a double dose of discrimination: being women and being non-white.

Nodding heads in agreement, giving space to WOC to voice their truths, and amplifying WOC voices are some great ways to help end this discrimination. It’s imperative that WOC have the platform to speak.

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(h/t Popsugar; photo via Michael Kovac/Getty)