We’re no strangers to wood burning here at Brit + Co, and we’ve finally put together a DIY Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils Kit for you! We’ll show you the three ultimate techniques you need to know to create any design you can dream of: using alphabet stamps, the point of the burning tip and the edge of the burning tip. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be a wood-burning pro equipped with the skills necessary to make awesome wood-burned patterns and designs.


All of these designs were created using the three techniques in this tutorial!


Materials (included in our kit!):

— wood burning tool

— alphabet stamps

— wooden kitchen utensils

— practice pieces

Materials (not included in our kit):

— pencil

Get your materials together (or get the kit HERE) and let’s get started!


Sketch out your designs using a pencil. You can use this opportunity to whip out all of those chef-related pickup lines that you’ve been storing ;)


We like the eclectic mix of hand lettering and geometric shapes. If you’re gifting these to someone, keep in mind their favorite quotes and shapes for a thoughtful present.


To alphabet stamp, allow the wood burning tool to heat up and press firmly into the wood for about three seconds. Use the practice pieces to get familiar with how much pressure to apply in order to get a clean burn.


To make sure the letters are well formed, gently rock the tip of the wood burning tool back and forth.


Turn off your wood burning tool and allow it to cool completely before switching letters. Repeat these steps until you’ve finished spelling out your word.


Use the very tip of the wood burning tool to trace hand-lettered designs and curved lines.


Pro tip: The slower you go, the more defined the burn line will be.


For straight lines, use the edge of the wood burning tool. Again, the slower you go, the more defined the line will be.


A series of simple, straight lines can transform a plain kitchen utensil into a beautiful, custom gift.


Mix and match patterns and techniques to create a truly unique collection of tools!


Throw these into a gourmet gift basket for your favorite foodie friend.


Or make them the star of the show by tying them with a ribbon to make a bouquet fit for a professional chef!

What designs are you burning into these wooden utensils? Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram and using the hashtag #iamcreative!


DIY Production and Styling: Marianne Koo
Photography: Brittany Griffin