Isn’t there just something soothing about bringing a touch of the outdoors in? And one of the best ways to do this is to use wood in your decor. It’s often left in it’s natural state or carved into a rustic design, but we wanted to find a way to use it that was a bit more modern, and a little, ahem, edgier. Hence our mission this week to discover new ways to incorporate this gorgeous material into your life, and to come up with a hack or two to make it easier.

Forget about needing a bandsaw and a crazy drill to make a vase out of wood – all you need is a square glass vase and wood veneer sheets to make the vases you see here. Read on to find out how!

 wood veneer sheets
– gold acrylic paint

– white acrylic paint

– painter’s tape

– spray adhesive

– square or rectangle vases

 – paper cutter

– ruler

– pencil

– 2 paint brushes

– exacto knife

You can use a paper cutter or an exacto knife and ruler on this project, but we found the paper cutter helped us get a more perfect cut.

Begin by measuring the vase and cutting out 4 sides of wood veneer that will fit it. You want the wood veneer to be about 1 millimeter longer on each side than the vase.

Next up, cover the backs of the wood veneer cut sides with spray adhesive. Press them into place on the glass vase. Then measure and cut again 4 thin strips to go on top to conceal the glass edge. Use spray adhesive to adhere them onto the vase as well.

Repeat on all your vases. Don’t they look neat just with the wood veneer covering? The intricate design of wood is always beautiful on it’s own, but let’s take it to the next level by adding some painted accents!

Use painter’s tape to mark of what sections you want to paint. We went with simple strips and diagonals to keep it looking clean and crisp. Paint on 2-3 layers of paint and allow to dry completely before removing the tape.

When you’ve removed the tape, you might have vases that look a little something like this!

Now dress them up by placing whatever your heart desires inside – cut flowers, desk supplies, maybe seashells from your last beach vacation?

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Will you paint designs on your vases like we did or leave yours with just the wood veneer covering? Have you ever used wood veneer sheets for any other cool projects? Talk to us in the comments below!