Natural materials are more popular than ever this season. We’ve already shared a bunch of awesome wooden jewelry to buy or DIY, but we thought we’d focus specifically on earrings today. These eye-catching pieces are sure to dazzle anyone that comes your way. Diamonds better watch their backs; they may be a gal’s best friend right now, but after seeing these 35 dazzling pairs of handmade earrings, wood might just creep in between you two.

1. Chevron Wooden Earrings ($32): Chevron has basically invaded the closet of every American woman. But these wooden earrings are unique because the chevron is actually negative space. Creative, no? We’d love to try making these with our laser cutter.

2. Lime Green Geometric Earrings ($22): Wood and geometric shapes are the perfect combination. The pop of color in this pair is perfect for those of you who love to splash things up.

3. Twin Peaks Wooden Earrings ($9): There’s nothing more outdoorsy than a pair of wooden mountains. Someone, please wear these on your next camping trip or hike in the mountains.

4. Pale Blue Screen Print Earrings ($20): Screen printing is everywhere when it comes to wooden jewelry. And we’re not complaining. This patterned pair is complex enough to draw interest yet simple enough to work with almost any outfit.

5. Game Day Earrings ($25): While Brit HQ might be a bit partial to the Giants, you can customize these fab earrings for any sports team out there. These are definitely cheer-worthy.

6. Eco-Friendly Floral Earrings ($13): These eco-friendly studs come with a little reminder of all the flowers you’re saving by wearing them. So cute.

7. Two Toned Chevron Wooden Earrings ($27): Yes, it’s chevron again. But this time it’s mixin’ things up with a two-toned design. Get ready to be the center of attention, ladies.

8. Pearly Sea Green Studs ($15): Those of you who love color will appreciate these earrings. They may be little, but they sure are mighty. That gorgeous pearl green will stand out from across the room. Okay, well maybe a little closer than that.

9. Sparkle Triangle ($22): And now for our favorite pair featuring glitter. All of you girly girls will squee with delight when you see how well these candy corn-esque earrings pair with your blinged-out pastel wardrobe this spring + beyond.

10. Double Diamond ($27): Diamonds might be able to stay your best friend if they just combine themselves with wood! They’re neutral enough to go with literally anything, any season of the year.

11. Tribal ($18): We’re all about tribal prints, and you should be too. They’re almost tropical… so perfect for a fun-filled trip to the beach!

12. Spring in Mint and Gray ($20): Looks like wooden jewelers are jumping on the pastel bandwagon this season. This pair’ll brighten up your whole look, and comes complete with its own pair of hidden arrows. Bonus points if you find them!

13. Awareness Ribbons Earrings ($13): No matter what cause you support, Green Tree Jewelry’s got you covered. These earrings come in 18 different hues and look mighty nice in all o’ them.

14. Hand Painted ($30): Little heads hanging off of your head? Sounds about right.

15. Geometric Rods ($17): Rod studs are a rare find, making these earrings that much better. The warm palette works well with all the fun-in-the-sun weather we’re headed for.

16. Eco-Friendly Green ($15): Polka dots for your young and whimsical spirit.

17. Yellow and Rose Spring ($20): It’s cool how these earrings are completely different but manage to stay unified in one fabulous look. Minimel Design knows how it’s done.

18. Wooden Triangle ($20): Did someone ask for more triangular pieces?

19. Emerald Green + Gold Chevron ($17): Veronicas, Vivians and Valeries, check these out!

20. USA Earrings ($12): U-S-A! U-S-A! Show your pride with these amazingly patriotic earrings. Gotta love us ‘muricans and our country-shaped jewelry.

21. Diamond Geo Shapes ($18): If blue’s your color, you may have a hard time staying away. Go ahead and snag these stunning earrings while you can!

22. Raw Wood Earrings ($14): These are as woodsy as it gets. Pure wood.

23. Mint Green ($20): Mint’s all the rage nowadays. It’s all over the food scene, and now fashion too.

24. Engraved Arrow ($20): They’re rustic, geometric and gosh darn beautiful. These engraved earrings are totally on point.

25. Painted Squares ($20): They’re like little bow ties for your ears! How adorable.

26. Abstract Expressionism ($20): Embrace the Jackson Pollock you know is somewhere inside of you with these abstract wooden studs. Every earring is different, so each one is like a little surprise.

27. Hippie Chic ($18): With festival season coming up, you may want to invest in these super affordable hippie chic earrings. They’ll be a total hit.

28. Hot Air Balloons ($10): Here’s your chance to float up in the sky, dreamers. These tiny hot air balloons’ll have you raking in all the compliments in no time.

29. Geometric Heart Studs ($17): To all 8-bit lovers out there: it’s time to express your passion for cubism with these bright heart studs.

30. Wooden Elephants ($13): Slightly random, extremely cute — who wouldn’t want a pair of elephants hanging out in their jewelry box?

31. Giraffe Print Africa ($15): After you finish buying those USA earrings, maybe you’ll want to check out this continent. These are like a fantastic safari you can wear on your ears.

32. Beaded Spears ($25): Arrows? Triangles? Spears? It’s up to you.

33. Mountain Reflections ($25): These minimalist mountains are the bomb. They might soon become one of your favorite pairs of earrings.

34. Yo! Sup! ($18): These conversation-starting earrings will soon be the talk of the town. (See what we did there?)

35. Retro Campers ($14): Forms of transportation are always appropriate for jewelry. These studs fit in with the whole outdoorsy theme we’ve got goin’.

Which of these earrings wood you like to wear? Drop us a line in the comments below!