If you’re tiny apartment livin’, then you know the necessity of multi-functional furniture. The only problem is that many pieces of multi-purpose furniture just aren’t that pretty. Enter: Woodieful. Now here’s a piece that combines beauty and function into one amazing creation. You know else makes it even better? All you have to do to change its use is flip it over.

Part magazine holder, part side table, part stool, this sleek Slovenian work of functional art takes on a different use each time you flip and switch it. While we love the gorgeous wood finish, it also comes in black, blue and pink, so it can work in any room (or corner of a room, for you studio dwellers).

The lady behind this stool/shelf, Klavdija Jarc, prototyped her design by making miniature 3D prints of her model. This just goes to show that there are so many ways to realize an idea if you’re a determined maker. Talk about an inspirational lady. Maybe it’s time to finally rent some makerspace of your own…

We think it might be the most perfect nightstand, with all your reading material down below and your lamp up top. But it can also hold up to 160 pounds, so if an unexpected guest arrives, you can swap out your nightstand for a little emergency seating. (We’ve all been there.)

But no one ever said you had to store books and magazines in your Woodieful. Anything long and skinny, like a longboard, could find a new home in its curves. The possible uses for the Woodieful are endless, so why would you want just one?

Would the Woodieful make your life a little bit easier? Let us know in the comments!

(Photos and video via Woodieful, @woodieful)