Office culture can be a tricky thing to figure out. From companies that accommodate working moms to Sweden’s six-hour work day model, an amazing work culture is definitely sought after. But what about the less obvious things — like, how many coffee breaks is too many? Is it okay to have a few cocktails at the office party? What’s the best way to bond with coworkers? These questions only get harder to answer if you’re working abroad in a different culture altogether. That’s why UK-based office supply company Viking set out to answer all of our international office etiquette-related queries in their new infographic.


Did you know that when walking into a German office in the morning, it’s best to greet the most important person first, then work your way down the hierarchy? Or that in France, it’s expected that you’ll take at least two coffee breaks per day? In Spain, it’s normal for workers to take the entire month of August off for summer vacation, and Friday afternoons are meant for relaxing in preparation for the weekend. BRB, moving to Spain.

“As European Marketing Manager, I regularly travel to different countries,” says Viking’s Ruud Linders in a post on the company webpage. “Each country I visit has its own little quirks and conventions, and that’s what makes the world such a beautiful, varied place. Luckily, I usually manage to avoid putting my foot in it — hopefully I’ll be even better now I’ve seen this infographic!”

Scroll through to get the low-down on the rest of the world’s office culture quirks.


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(Image via Viking; featured image via Getty)