The hardest part about changing your style is visually imagining how it will look. Say you’ve always been someone who dreamed of dark blue-black hair, but were cautious about pulling the trigger. Well, now you can throw caution to the wind and know exactly how you would look with indigo tresses. All you need is a selfie and some tech.

Dreambit is a new image-based search engine that analyzes pictures of faces and figures out how to crop it down to just the facial features. Then it searches a database of images where the facial position is similar to the picture of your face, and intelligently merges your face onto as many pictures as you wish.

You can see how you would have looked in a bygone era, in another culture, with another hair color. The possibilities are as limitless as your own imagination. The search engine is still in beta, but you can become a tester here. Get ready to make some drastic changes to your look.

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(h/t TechCrunch)