Hoodies have been getting a serious makeover in 2015. Apparently it鈥檚 time to bid 鈥淎dieu鈥 to those basic American Apparel pieces we used to know, and instead welcome hoodies that are insanely high-tech. The hoodie revolution (ya, that鈥檚 right, we鈥檙e calling it a revolution) all started back in August when the Baubax travel jacket launched on Kickstarter, which came equipped with a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, drink and earphone holders, gloves and pockets for everything from your passport to your sunglasses. Now, we鈥檙e coming at you with another hoodie on Kickstarter that鈥檚 also promising to change the way you wear the classic garment.


The Yesler Technical Hoodie came to fruition in Seattle. In the Kickstarter video, the makers say 鈥淲e love calling this home, but we haven鈥檛 found a hoodie as versatile as the landscape.鈥 To combat this problem, they鈥檝e merged together the weather-resistant type hoodie with that cozy knitted option you probably also enjoy. Enter: Polartec.


Polartec (or more formally Polartec Power Shield Pro) is a revolutionary fabric that has a smooth, knitted face but is 50% more breathable than the average soft hoodie. Additionally, it鈥檚 also able to block 99% of wind while the remaining 1% circulates within the fabric to greatly enhance moisture transmission. Basically, it feels like a cozy blanket on the inside while performing like a solid piece of outerwear on the outside.


The hoodie comes in both men鈥檚 and women鈥檚 styles, the women鈥檚 being slightly more slim fitting than its counterpart. If you want to snag yours ASAP, donate $169 to their Kickstarter (the hoodies will sell for $199 after the campaign ends). It鈥檚 not exactly the cheapest option out there, but it鈥檚 kind of the only hoodie you鈥檒l need ever again, so we say the splurge is totally justified.

Would you invest in this high-tech hoodie? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Yesler)