Whether you’re going somewhere exotic this summer or are just planning ahead for a fall getaway, chic travel accessories are a must. A passport case will make you look like a world traveler and distract from a cringe-worthy passport photo. These 20 translate to trendy no matter where you’re jetting off to. They also make thoughtful gifts for someone you know who is moving or traveling abroad!

1. Gold Standart Passport Case ($75) Gift yourself something super luxe with this gold leather pick. You’ll feel like a celeb every time you use it.

2. Striped Passport Case ($45): Traveling is stressing, but you’ll feel happy every time you pull out this cheery passport case.

3. Plaid Passport Case ($35): A subtle plaid pattern on leather is chic without being in your face about it. Understated always equals cool.

4. Plane Passport Case ($9): These playful plane passport cases are whimsical and useful. There are pockets inside for your ticket, receipts and even a pen holder.

5. Jonathan Adler Passport Case ($38): Leave it to Jonathan Adler to design a passport case that will add a burst of color to your carry-on. You’ll be excited to check-in just for the chance to whip out this baby.

6. Pink Passport Case ($18): Go all-out girlie with a pink passport case, like this one. It shows you make traveling fun no matter where you go… even if you’re on a boring work trip.

7. Streetscape Passport Case ($38): For a fun design that’s a little less bold, this one from Anthropologie is ideal. It evokes the dream European vacation. Get ready!

8. Stamped Passport Case ($13): Getting a stamp on your passport is part of the fun of traveling. The real ones may have to be tucked inside, but there’s no rule saying you can’t get playful with the outside!

9. Classic Leather Passport Case ($64): Leather passport cases are timeless and only look better the more you use them. Graphic Image, the company that makes this one, will engrave your initials on it in gold.

10. Chevon Passport Case ($5) You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to have a chic passport case; traveling is expensive enough! This trendy chevon print one is only $5.

11. World Traveler Passport Case ($4): For a passport holder showcasing your personality, go for one with a cheeky saying, like one of these from MochiThings.

12. Pony Passport Case ($11): A solid colored passport holder with a cute little pony icon is the perfect mix of polished and quirky.

13. Ultra Organized Leather Passport Holder ($40): The genius thing about this one is the slanted slots: They keep tickets and receipts super secure to prevent travel nightmares.

14. Polka Dot Passport Case ($40): Not only is this polka dot passport case adorable, you can personalize it by getting your name, initials or even a travel quote on it.

15. Iconic Passport Case ($35): If you’re old school and like printing your ticket at the airport instead of doing the whole electronic check-in thing, opt for a long, traditional size passport case like this one. It keeps your boarding pass from awkwardly sticking out.

16. Hola Passport ($18): Put a smile on the TSA agents’ faces with this one.

17. Zoo Passport Case ($43): Carting around a passport case with a huge cat face on it would be overload, but these chic holders with a tiny gold animal are super stylish. When it comes to anything cutesy, go small and subtle.

18. Zipper Passport Case ($30): If you are crazy paranoid about something falling out of your passport case, go for a zippered version. It will put all your worries to rest so you can focus on more important things, like locating the airport Starbucks.

19. Jumping Gazelles Passport Case ($18): Show your wild side with a safari-inspired pick, like this one from Kate Spade Saturday.

20. Notebook-Style Passport Case ($20): This simple chic style has both card slots and pockets so you can organize your travel documents in a way where everything is in plain sight.

Got any tips on where to pick up a chic passport case? Let us know in the comments below!