Decisions, decisions — we pretty much hate making them. Not because we’re indecisive… more like, we prefer the power of changing our minds on different days, weeks, seasons. You can imagine how giddy we were that modular phones, wearables and even speakers are poised to become “things” any day now. What if you could apply that same customizable vision to something you’re used to DIYing on the reg, like your home? Imagine it: Move this piece here and your living room is a dining room. Slide this over and your closet is a seating area. Like a loft, but way, way, WAY better.

You guys know us pretty well at this point, so when we ask you to imagine something or picture a cool futuristic situation, we are beckoning you near so that we can scream-whisper “It’s REAL!!!!” in your ear. And this time is no different — Simon Woodroffe unveiled the idea for the Yo! Home, a mega luxe modular apt at the London Design Festival back in 2012. Now, Simon (also the man behind NYC hotel and bottomless brunch bonanza, Yotel) is working with a real estate developer in Manchester to build an entire property of adjustable apartments.

The units will range between 400 to 800 square feet and be adjustable with 12 moving parts. Walls will slide to reveal storage spaces, individual pieces of furniture will open and close to transform into other pieces, a bedroom elevator (above!) will rise up to reveal a living room-like space below or lower to become a bedroom.

The sunken lounge features “flip-up dining” to go from chilling to cooking in no time.

Is this an office desk… or a DISAPPEARING GUEST BED?!

Panels on the ground lift up to reveal an otherwise hidden wine stash.

The Barbie Dresser can be storage went you want it to be, a desk when you don’t.

Hot tub — now you see it, now you don’t.

Wethinks the Ken Bench is DIY-able. Agree?

Screen Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black with your pals, or alone in bed with your boo. Yo! Home would give urban-dwelling folks used to the confines of their small studios actual options for entertaining and living in sleek Transformer-style settings. Forget Project Ara, this is topping the modular makings on our Dream Life wish list.

Would you live in an adjustable apartment?

(h/t: PSFK)