Who says that mobilizing for a cause doesn’t work? With protests across the country becoming more standard and with shocking things happening with more and more regularity (like Kellyanne Conway’s fake massacre account), it seems that now, more than ever, it’s harder to figure out what to do to support organizations we love. While we get great tips, like how actor Riz Ahmed suggested we could help immigrants and refugees, now, a coffee blog is giving us all the opportunity to donate to the ACLU by simply heading out for our morning jolt of caffeine this weekend.

Made just the way you like it

Coffee aficionados are already well acquainted with the blog Sprudge. Usually the go-to site for reviews and info on everyone’s favorite morning boost, the site is partnering with coffee shops and cafes across the country to raise funds for the ACLU. Starting today and going all the way through Sunday, over 278 brands, with over 530 cafes between them, will be raising money while they run their businesses, taking the guesswork out of your civil rights actions.

Two women drinking coffee together

Depending on the cafe, they may donate a percentage of sales, a set dollar amount or set up tip jars just for the ACLU, which, after last week’s travel ban was put into place, raised an incredible $24 million dollars. They usually raise around $4 million a year. Sprudge says they will match up to $500 per cafe for select brands, and are still looking for a few major sponsors to also match donations.

We absolutely love seeing businesses work together for the greater good, and between raising much-needed funds for the ACLU, who we suspect will be very busy over the next few years, and Starbucks’ promise to hire 10,000 refugees in coming years, there is a lot to celebrate in light of some pretty scary times.

For a full list of shops you’ll want to spend your money at this weekend, check out theSprudge website. It’ll do someone a latté good (see what we did there?).

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(h/t Mic; photos via Reza Estakhrian, pixdeluxe, zhudifeng/Getty)