While it may seem like the Kardashians are mostly famous for being famous, it takes a heck of a lotta money to fund such luxe lifestyles. Thankfully for the family, they take biz pretty darn seriously, even going to legal lengths in order to protect their name from their own relatives. And while they may not always be totally upfront about the sponsored social media sitch, you seriously won’t believe the insane amount of money the Kardashians make for Instagram ads.

Karsashian sisters

Giving the dollar deets to Us Magazine, CEO of digital marketing firm Talent Resources Michael Heller, who has been involved in arranging many of the family’s sponsorship deals, says that “sponsored posts are about 25 percent of [the family’s] income.” Whoa!

So, how much is that, exactly? Well, apparently, brands are willing to pay up to $500,000 for a campaign promoted by Kim Kardashian West (who has almost 95 million followers on Instagram), while Khloé (64.1 million followers) and Kourtney (54.3 million followers) are in the ballpark of $250,000.

And while the sisters apparently turn down plenty of deals (they only endorse products that suit their lifestyle and align with their brand), Heller says that anything they do choose to share with their millions of fans “sells out immediately.” Seems like those hefty sponsorship price-tags might actually be worth every pretty penny!

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(h/t Us Magazine; photo via Ethan Miller/Getty)