Airbnb has totally changed the travel game. It’s easier than ever to feel like a local on the cheap — or you can go in the totally opposite direction and stay in an Airbnb made for the stars. But no matter your style of travel, it’s always good to know what you’re paying for, right? Let’s start in the bathroom.

So if you’re looking to save some $$$, try searching for Airbnb listings that don’t include hairdryers and pick up a travel dryer to throw in your suitcase. If you’re staying in your Airbnb for two nights, you could actually save money by buying a cheap hairdryer beforehand. Now feel free to book your trip with a better idea of where exactly your money is going. To thank us, you can bring us back a souvenir.

Alternatively, if you’re renting out your space, springing for a $20 hairdryer means you can recoup your costs in just two days AND THEN some. Worth it.

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(h/t Quartz; photo via Getty)