There鈥檚 a GIF for every emotion 鈥 until there鈥檚 something you want to send GIF of and SOMEHOW it does not exist. Before now, you may have given up, resigning yourself to a GIF-less fate. But it doesn鈥檛 have to be that way! You can GIF whatever you want WHENever you want! Here, we鈥檝e got three simple tactics to get you out and GIF-ing in no time. Just remember to GIF responsibly.

1. GIF from a video:聽We recommend using Giphy to convert your videos into GIFs. Just upload the video you want to GIF onto the website and, like magic, it will spit out a finished product for you. If you鈥檝e got a long video, just be sure to trim the clip before you upload. Our favorite feature is that Giphy can even create a GIF straight from a YouTube video. Just paste the link, select the GIF鈥檚 start and end points and it鈥檚 done.

2. GIF from your computer screen:聽You can make a GIF straight from a video playing on your computer screen, but you鈥檒l have to download some software first. Both Giphy and Gifster聽make free capturing tools that are easy to use. You drag the capture tools over whatever you would like to grab, click record and boom, it鈥檚 done! Both tools are fairly straightforward and easy to use.

3. GIF on your phone:聽For GIFing on the go, there are a lot of options. Hundreds of apps have popped up promising to be the easiest ever. We prefer GIPHY CAM聽and Giffer Pro聽for their ease of use. Using a GIF-grabbing process similar to what you do on a computer, you can capture GIFs from your camera roll or the Internet.

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(h/t Field Guide; featured photo via Getty)