By now, you’re probably a pro in the YouTube department. We’ve shown you some of our absolute faves to watch, like LaurDIY, MissGlamorazzi, Fleur De Force, Zoella… the list goes on and on. But of course, we can’t forget about the kiddos! If you’re trying to find the perfect series to keep your little one busy, take a look at these 11 parent-approved YouTube series.

1. Kids React: Kids React is exactly how it sounds — kids are shown viral vids, movie trailers and more, and then they give their honest opinions. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

2. The Traveling Trio: Is your little one a travel buff? Let them learn about the world through the Traveling Trio. These three siblings embark on adventures to historic landmarks and share fun historical and geographic facts about each place they visit.

3. Simple Kids Crafts: A DIY channel for kids? Oh, you can bet that all of the B+C kids will be glued to the computer to check out these vids.

4. Talking Tom and Friends: Talking Tom and Friends is a must-see if you’re looking for a good laugh. What kid doesn’t love a character and his friends going on adventures?

5. HooplaKidz: If your child is a bit on the younger side, then HoopaKidz is perfect for them. They have fun nursery rhymes and children’s songs to entertain your baby for hours.

6. Raindrop Cartoon: On the hunt for an adventure series for your youngster? Raindrop is a cartoon that follows the adventures of a drop of water (no, really) and his besties.

7. Shaytards: If you know anything about the YouTube world, it’s that vloggers are the people to watch. One of our faves? The Shaytards. The best part? They’re totally family friendly.

8. All4TubeKids: All4TubeKids shares funny moments of a family that does funny challenges and more. If you ask us, this peanut butter challenge vid is a must-watch.

9. Kids TV: Kids TV is not only educational, it’s also super entertaining. What little one doesn’t love animated nursery rhymes to learn all about numbers, the alphabet and more?

10. Game Kids: Let’s be honest, kids love gaming. Interestingly enough, they also love to watch *other* kids play… whatever keeps them busy!

Bonus! Sesame Street: Yep, everyone’s fave is officially on YouTube. Watch your favorite clips and more for a little #tbt entertainment.

What’s your favorite YouTube series? Talk to us in the comments below.