If you’re bored with your everyday makeup routine, we highly recommend turning to the experts for a quick dose of inspiration — the YouTube experts, that is. When we’re looking for new ideas in the makeup department, FleurDeForce is one of our first stops. With over one million subscribers and her first book, The Glam Guide, available to preorder now, this British vlogger is a powerhouse when it comes to YouTube. Check out our favorite tutorials from Fleur below.

1. Fashion Week: If you’re sitting front row of Fashion Week (in front of a computer counts, right?) this spring, Fleur is here to show you what to wear and how to do your hair and makeup so you look extra glam.

2. Ariana Grande-Inspired: Ever wonder how to get Ariana’s look? Check out Fleur’s rendition. She nailed her style, down to the dress.

3. 1940s Inspired: Going to a ’40s theme party and stuck on what lipstick to wear? Fleur is here to the rescue.

4. Coral Eyes: Usually we stay away from pink and red eyeshadow, but we’ll make an exception if Fleur says so.

5. Catching Fire: Ever since we watched Mockingjay, we’ve been totally obsessing over Katniss’ best looks from TheHunger Games trilogy. This Catching Fire-inspired look is a great way to copy Katniss’ unique style.

6. Autumn Look: Even though autumn has come and gone, this “Get Ready With Me” look can be worn all year.

7. 1950s Inspired: If you’ve been admiring Taylor Swift’s red lipstick look and retro style, this tutorial was made for you.

8. Taylor Swift Concert: And if you’re lucky enough to hit up a T-Swift concert? Fleur has you covered on hair, makeup and the perfect outfit. Now if only we could get our hands on a pair of tickets.

9. Everyday Summer Makeup: Our everyday makeup usually consists of a little lip balm and a swipe of mascara, but when we’re feelin’ a bit fancy, this is our go-to.

10. Valentine’s Day Makeup: With V-Day right around the corner, this one is a must-watch, whether you’ve got a hot date or a Galentine’s day brunch.

What’s your favorite makeup tutorial on YouTube? Share with us in the comments below.