Next to wiggling your way into a pair of tights or skinny jeans, is there anything more constricting to your knees than a pencil skirt? Sure, they’re super sleek and set the tone for interviews and business meetings, but half the battle is making it to the office without looking like a penguin. (The struggle to get in the car with a pencil skirt on is real.) To avoid waddling in your workwear, Soverra created the ZAline Penskirt, a skirt with built-in side panels and hidden zippers that combine five skirts in one.

The ZAline Penskirt is especially handy for ladies who bike to work. And let’s talk about travel. When it comes to packing a carry-on bag, we’re always on the lookout for pieces that create multiple outfits. This skirt will give you extra space for shoes and souvenirs. (Who doesn’t want that?) And when you’re ready to get the party started, you can let your hair down and the skirt’s side panels flow freely just by unzipping. Bonus: this skirt is totally twirlable.

You can get your own with a $50 pledge to support their Kickstarter campaign. Available in red, navy and camo (with additional colors pending), it can be worn fully zipped as a pencil skirt, half zipped as a trumpet or mermaid skirt, or completely unzipped as a flared A-line skirt. 50 bucks for five skirts in one? Consider us sold.

Would you wear a ZAline Penskirt? Unzip your thoughts in the comments!