Traveling around the holidays, as delightful as seeing family can be, is a little hectic to say the least. That’s why we try to pack as lightly as possible, which means using a carry-on for all our luggage and gifts to the fam. But wouldn’t it be great if your light luggage was not only more convenient, but smarter too? Well today’s your lucky day.

Bluesmart is the first smart carry-on luggage. It connects to an app that lets you lock, weigh and track your suitcase from almost anywhere in the airport. Just how smart is it really? Oh, let us count the ways.

  1. It automatically locks when separated from you, thanks to smart GPS technology.
  2. It notifies you on your smartphone if someone tries to open it.
  3. It’s been given a giant thumbs up from the notoriously grumpy TSA.
  4. To weigh your luggage, lift the handle. A digital number will appear on your screen so you don’t even have to sweet talk your way out of that overweight baggage fee at the counter.
  5. The bag allows for easy access to your other technology and all your stuff, thanks to special-sized pockets and compartments.
  6. It shows real-time data on your trips around the globe.

Convinced this is the future of travel? Yeah, we are too. And apparently so is the rest of the world. Bluesmart has already acquired over 200% of its fundraising goal. And while early bird specials on the luggage are sold out, you can still get a cool T-shirt for $25, or a $100 off coupon to use on Bluesmart when it’s finally released. We hope it’s before the holiday travel season!

Would you take this super smart luggage on your next trip? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!