Why has no one thought of this before? We’ve all been there with our lotion bottles. You know there’s something in there, but you just can’t shake it out. The people at Zero Waste Cap know how we feel. They have developed a simple and affordable way to get the rest of lotion out of the bottle, and it doesn’t involve any bottle-shaking or using our kitchen utensils to saw the bottle in half.

All you need is to do to make this product work is replace the cap. Their Kickstarter donations start at just a dollar, but for $9 you can get your very own. They’ve almost quadrupled their goal, because, clearly, the struggle is real.

It looks so absolutely simple to use. Plus it’s good for the environment, because you end up buying fewer plastic bottles. Not to mention we just dropped one big morning frustration.

The two interchangeable sizes fit most lotion lids. We’re definitely going to need to order more than one for all the products we love to keep on hand in our bathrooms.

How many times have you struggled to get the last bit of lotion out of the bottle? Do you know any other great lotion saving hacks?