Are you tired of your hand lettering looking the same as your last dozen pieces? If you’ve been wanting to add an extra oomph to your designs, you’re in luck! Brittany Luiz of Tombow is back to show you how to embellish your hand lettering with 10 of her favorite techniques.

In her premium lettering class, you’ll learn how to use embellishing techniques to make your brush lettering more interesting and fun, including:

  • tie-dye effects
  • galaxy lettering
  • stippling
  • palette blending
  • outlining
  • faux-watercolor effects
  • plaid patterns
  • layered blending
  • brush tip blending
  • shadows

Bonus content: Brittany will also explain color theory and show you how to pick color combinations that work well together.

Don’t worry if you’re not already an advanced letterer. Brittany will also cover lettering basics, including terminology, how to hold the brush pens, and how to create proper strokes. If you’ve been loving Tombow Dual Brush Pens as much as we have, you’re going to love all the new techniques you can start using in your hand-lettered designs.

Get excited! Here’s an example of the class’s final project below.

Brittany’s lettering course is a jam-packed 87-minute class with 11 lessons to help you complete your final project. To help you practice your new brush lettering techniques, Brittany has also created an exclusive 16-page class workbook for students that’s full of worksheets, brush stroke guides, a color wheel, and more!

Want more lettering resources? Buy Brittany’s book, Lettering with Purpose: Creative Techniques and Prompts for Making Meaningful Hand-Lettered Art, along with your class today!

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Ready to get started? Enroll in our Embellishing Techniques With Brush Pens online class today.