We’re officially entering the dog days of summer. Celebrate the peak of the season with a picnic with friends and then, as soon as temperatures become unbearable, run back inside to your AC and your Netflix. These 10 movies and shows should give you an excuse to sit in front of your fan all weekend with no guilt. After all, who needs hot temperatures when there’s so much hot material available for streaming?


Stranger Things

1. Stranger Things on Netflix: WINONA RYDER. There’s more to the Netflix Original than just Winona Ryder, but that’s all we can focus on for now. It’s set in a small town and all starts when a young boy goes missing. There are serious David Lynch vibes, and you can bet we’ll be watching because… WINONA RYDER. (Photo via Netflix)


2. Vice Principals on HBO: There are people who run things and then there are the people who think they run things. This HBO series follows Danny McBride and Walter Goggins, who play two high school vice principals who are almost at the top but not quiiite. (Photo via HBO)


difficult people

3. Difficult People on Hulu: New Yorkers have a reputation for being erm, well, difficult. Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner star as two of the most difficult. There are also a ton of special (and very funny!) guest stars that make the show worth watching. (Photo via Hulu)

East Los High

4. East Los High on Hulu: There are hard-core high school TV shows and then there are high school TV shows that involve a hard-core dance team. The new season of East Los High is premiering on Hulu and contains all the drama and envy-inducing dance moves you wish you had experienced senior year. (Photo via Hulu)


5. Ballers on HBO: Everybody needs a little bit of The Rock (sorry, Dwayne Johnson) in their lives every once in awhile. Season two of his HBO show, Ballers, is rolling out this weekend. Watch for some motivation to hit the gym and a lesson in financial responsibility from The Rock himself. (Photo via HBO)



6. Ghost on HBO: If you like your romance with a bit of sci-fi, check out the classic Ghost. It’s got Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg and one of the most iconic film scenes ever — I mean, can you even look at a pottery wheel without thinking about this movie? I think not. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)


7. Rosemary’s Baby on Amazon and Hulu: Very few horror films count themselves among classic, gotta-watch-it cinema. And even fewer double as fashion inspiration. But Rosemary’s Baby, starring Mia Farrow, is not only a visually stunning movie but a gripping plot that will stay in your mind for weeks. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)



8. No Escape on Hulu and Amazon: There are many things that can go wrong when traveling abroad. Violent military coup is generally not one most people count on. Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan star in this action flick about an American family trapped abroad. Watch it because it might make you thankful for that time you lost all your luggage abroad. (Photo via Showtime)


9. Suits on Amazon and Hulu: Being a top corporate lawyer in Manhattan is hard — especially when you don’t have a law degree. Now that all seasons of this hit show are streaming, check them out and maybe start rethinking how much faith you put in the legal system. (Photo via USA)


10. Straight Outta Compton on HBO and Amazon: When Straight Outta Compton premiered last year, it took the world by storm. If you missed out, brush up on your hip hop history with a stream. You won’t be able to stop listening to N.W.A. from the moment you finish the flick. (Photo via MTV)

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(Featured photo via USA)