DIYers have been crafting, making, and hacking with newspaper since the beginning of newspaper’s existence. For our take on creatively repurposing newspaper, we turn to bright colors, decor for the home, and, of course, a few goodies we can wear.

 – newspaper

– brightly colored card stock

– brightly colored tissue paper

– nail polish

– rubbing alcohol

– wreath ring

– baker’s twine

– pom poms

 – glue gun

– glue stick

– needle nose pliers

– giant circle hole punch

– Mod Podge

1. iPad Mini Case: Need to make a quick iPad case before leaving town tomorrow?

To create this case, we used a padded envelope, packing tape, and a touch of VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Tape. Paste newspaper onto the envelope, then add a stripe of color for the envelope flap if you like. Now, cover the whole thing in clear packing tape to make it extra strong. Then add VELCRO® tape. Done!

2. Lampshade: Great for a kid’s room or craft room, this is an easy way to revive a lampshade that’s seen better days.

We used a giant circle hole punch to create a bunch of circles. Then use Mod Podge to layer circles onto the shade. Cover the whole thing with a layer of Mod Podge and let dry overnight before using with a lightbulb.

3. Envelopes: If you need to mail out a bunch of invitations (hello wedding crafters!) and want to create totally unique envelopes, use newspaper. Bonus points if you use paper from the date of your engagement or another significant date.

To create ours, we used an existing envelope and created a template out of it. Then simply cut out newspaper to the same size and a liner to match. Glue, let dry, and you’ve got an envelope!

4. Paper Wreath: This might be our favorite project of the bunch!

We used a wreath ring but you could also use a piece of cardboard. Cut out a bunch of newspaper leaves and glue onto the ring using hot glue. So easy and surprisingly stylish.

5. Gift Bags: You’ve seen this song and dance before, but it’s always a favorite.

We followed this tutorial but made a much smaller bag by starting with a piece around 12.5 inches by 8 inches.

6. Round Faux Lantern: For folks with high ceilings or who just want some unusual decor, these faux lanterns are a quick and fun hack.

Use that trusty giant hole punch again to make a bunch of paper circles. Wrap twine around the ball so that you have a way to hang it. Then cover with paper circles, similar to the lamp shade but without pressing everything down all the way.

7. Paper Flowers: For another take on paper flowers, combine spring neons with newspaper.

Cut out a bunch of flower shapes. Press a wooden stick or dowel through the center and keep layering until you’ve got a fullness you like. Repeat for as many flowers as you like!

8. Outlet Cover: Add a little personality to your power source.

This one is all about Mod Podge! Trace your outlet cover, cut the shape out in newspaper, and Mod Podge onto the cover. So cute.

9. Dangly Earrings: We took a cue from our classic Duct Tape Feather earrings to make these.

Cover a piece of newspaper in clear packing tape. Add a stripe of another color before taping if you like. Now you’ll have a piece of material similar in consistency to duct tape. Cut out a couple shapes you like, and then use cord ends to attach to earrings.

10. Rosette Bobby Pins: A dozen roses? Pshh, how about a duo of rosettes?

These are a sweet way to add a little spice to your do! Simply create a bunch of little triangles and layer them into a rose shape using hot glue in between each layer. Attach to a bobby pin and let dry. See also: Duct Tape Rosettes.

11. Nail Polish: If you’re as into nail art as we are, you’ve probably seen newspaper nails.

To create your own newspaper mani, all you need is rubbing alcohol, nail polish, and newspaper. Paint your nails with a base coat – this can be a clear or a light color. Once dry, dip your nails in rubbing alcohol. Now press newspaper onto each nail. Peel off and you should have a newspaper transfer on your nail! Cover with clear polish to seal the deal.

12. Party Hats: Last, party time!!

Turn newspaper into party hats by rolling it into cones. Use tape to secure and then add pom poms or trim using hot glue. Excellent!

How do you repurpose newspaper? Any crafty tricks we just have to try? Talk to us in the comments below.