When you think of shipping containers, you probably think of an old shipyard with lots of crates, but that is definitely not the only things these bad boys are used for. Gorgeous and chic shipping container homes are taking over the Internet, and for good reason! This cool idea is flipping what it means to have a home by creating a cool space that is ideal for anyone who is all about small spaces. The best part of these homes? They’re canvases for your creativity! Design these guys with a mid-century look or go green with a couple coats of paint and a few hanging planters — the possibilities are seriously endless. Now, you might not be ready to give up your big backyard and killer kitchen, but these cool homes might leave you wanting to embrace the whole smaller-living thing.

1. Brown Bungalow: Looking for an ideal place to lounge out with your BFFs after a fun day in the sun? Well, look no further. This relaxed home is all about embracing your inner beach bum.

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Happy #Monday! Grandparents turn some old streetcars into the dreamiest tiny home When Mary and Gerhard Ringel first moved into this converted streetcar home, they described it as “run-down.” With a little elbow grease and a lot of creativity, they were able to bring it back to life and make it more vivacious than ever before. This Santa Cruz, Calif., home still retains its beachy bohemian charm, but does so with irrepressible joy coming from every lovingly-crafted detail. According to Houzz, this home is composed of two retired streetcars from the early 1900s that are side-by-side, measuring 750 square feet in total. The streetcar closest to the curb houses the living and dining rooms, while the second contains the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the house is its energizing color palette. Each hue is unapologetically vibrant, yet they complement each other rather than compete for the spotlight. Read the full article from #TinyHomeTour here: http://tinyhometour.com/2016/03/19/grandparents-turn-some-old-streetcars-into-the-dreamiest-tiny-home/?src=tic_50357&t=syn #ModernBlox‬ #shippingcontainers‬ #prototype #prototypephase2‬ #TheBeginningofModernBlox #shippingcontainer #shippingcontainerhomes #containerhouse #sustainablehousing #dreamhomes #greenhomes #housing #unique #outofthebox #startup #USA #MakeMillionHomes #tinyhome #prefab #prefabhomes #MondayFunday #Mondays

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2. Colorful Container: If you’re all about showing off your love for the colors of the rainbow, then you will fall in love with this hue-ful home. Get creative with your paint job for a house that will definitely stand out on the block.

3. Apartment Style: Why just have one home, when you could have an awesome apartment complex? You and your besties can all be next-door neighbors in this fun and colorful apartment setup that is ideal for keeping your favorite people close.

4. Hillside Hideout: Talk about a gorgeous home that you will never want to leave. Boasting killer views and gorgeous decor, this hillside chateau is straight out of a dream.

5. Nature Nest: Need an escape to the wilderness? Check out this to-die-for shipping container setup that is the perfect modern home in the middle of all the earthy green.

6. Domestically Dotted: Polka dot devotees, this one’s for you! Show off your love for colorful circles by painting your home in bright spots that can be seen a *mile* away.

7. Cabin Cove: With fall in the near future, you’re already starting to look for a cozy getaway. This comfy cabin is definitely the perfect place to snuggle by the fire, read your favorite book and sip on a nice glass of boozy cider.

8. Artist’s Institution: Creativity really is key when it comes to these homes, which is why this is the ideal place to show off your skill with a paintbrush. Create a gorgeous mural on the side of your house that your friends will admire every time they come over.

9. Wooden Way: Find your inner relaxation with a more mellow abode. This low-key, earthy home will have you feeling more stress-free than you have in a while.

10. Glassed Out: See-through never looked so good. If the industrial vibe of shipping containers aren’t really your style, try swapping them out for large wall windows that create a gorgeous open-space feeling in your home.

11. Family Hangout: Need a home that is ideal for a big family? This bad boy’s where it’s at. All you need is to add a tire swing in the front yard and you’ll be ready for some serious family fun.

12. Container Cribs: Get ready to go goo-goo eyes over this industrially inspired home. Showing off serious architectural skill, this home is bound to make anyone fall in love with it.

13. Mirrored Mindset: Move out of the way, mirrored sunglasses, ’cause these mirrored windows are about to put you to shame. You get double the gorgeous views with this modern mirrored home.

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