Even though the average age of first-time moms is higher than ever, we Millennials are still being bombarded with wedding pics and baby selfies on social media. Don’t get us wrong, we love seeing a pudgy baby face or a cutesy couple pic here and there. But sometimes the sheer volume of it all can make us feel a little down in the dumps about being unattached. Well, the single blues stop here, ladies! Now that it has been scientifically proven that #girlbosses can be totally happy while single, we’re taking singledom in stride and making the most of our unattached lives. To get us started on a summer of self-love, here are 14 books to read when a partner isn’t in the equation.

Girls in White Dresses

1. Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close ($11): Wedding season is upon us, folks. If you’re dreading showing up without a plus one, check out this hilarious read by Jennifer Close. Packed with pastel dresses, a dream squad and enough LOLs to make passersby think you’re crazy, this might just be the novel that inspires you to opt out of jumping for the bouquet.

You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down

2. You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down by Alice Walker ($14): Every single young professional needs to read this #girlboss bible pronto. Featuring 14 stories from women oppressed but not defeated, it’s an authentically beautiful read that will make you proud to be a woman.

Man Trapper

3. Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. by Leandra Medine ($17): An ah-ha moment hit Leandra when in the changing room at Topshop. Maybe the way she dressed (drop crotch shorts and dungarees were among her fave wardrobe essentials) was the main reason she couldn’t land a date. But instead of opting into an annoying glam movie makeover, this powerful woman decided to embrace her personal style and go after all of her goals at full speed. Can you say #MotivationMonday?

The Between Boyfriends Book

4. The Between Boyfriends Book by Cindy Chupack ($13): From “sexual sorbet” to “eggsistential crises” (AKA having an am-I-too-old-to-have-kids panic attack), this go-to guide to singledom is an A+ single-lady read.

My Education

5. My Education: A Novel by Susan Choi ($12): Sometimes the best way to get over a bad breakup is to read about an even worse one. In this doozy by rockstar author Susan Choi, a teacher-student relationship turns sexy and mega complicated — leaving poor Regina Gottlieb even more confused than when she started.

MarriageAct CAT

6. The Marriage Act by Liza Monroy ($14): When Liza learned that her best friend in the world — Emir, a gay man from the Middle East — was going to be deported, she did what any good BFF would do: She stole him away to get hitched at a quicky Las Vegas chapel. Follow her adventures and musings on love, friendship and the IRS in this can’t-put-down-read.


7. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed ($15): Being alone can be hella daunting at times — but probably not as daunting as riding solo while faced with black bears, rattlesnakes and record snow falls on the Pacific Crest Trail. Following Cheryl Strayed’s epic singleton adventure, this highly acclaimed novel (and major motion picture!) is a must for anyone trying to combat loneliness and find themselves after tragedy.

The Art of Asking

8. The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help by Amanda Palmer ($10): If you haven’t watched Amanda Palmer’s amazing TED Talk about “The Art of Asking,” stop what you’re doing and go listen to it right now. We’ll wait. Expanding on the same topic, this memoir is just the thing you need to know that you’re not alone, and that asking for your BFF’s — or a stranger’s — help is always an option.

Not That Kind of Girl

9. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham ($10): Tackling tough topics like loneliness, falling in love and struggling to feel like your story deserves to be told, this epic #girlboss read should be on every single twentysomething’s bookshelf.

The Solitude of Prime Numbers

10. The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel by Paolo Giordano ($13): An intense look at being alone, this touching debut novel is sensitively told and elegantly crafted. It’s the kind of book you’ll want to immediately pass off to your bestie so that you can gush over it together.

It's Not You

11. It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single by Sara Eckel ($12): Everyone seems to have an explanation for why someone is single — whether they are “too picky,” “too desperate” or “just too gosh darn independent.” In this hysterical and oh-so-true expose, Sara Eckel tells singletons to stop listening to the haters and follow their gut. You go, girl!

It's Just Fing Dating

12. It’s Just a F***ing Date: Some Sort of Book About Dating by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola ($13): From the New York Times bestselling authors that brought us It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken and He’s Just Not That Into You, this straight-talking guide to modern dating is just as relevant as ever.

Happy Accidents

13. Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch ($15): The Glee star we all know and love wasn’t always as confident as Sue Silvester in her career, sexuality or love life. Detailing her epic journey to self-love, this LOL-inducing memoir will definitely remind you that you can totally have it all.


14. Fangirl: A Novel by Rainbow Rowell ($11): Not all singledom stories have to do with romance — this modern YA novel focuses on the task of finding oneself separate from one’s fam jam. A witty and light read, it’s the perfect summer novel to cozy with in a hammock made for one.

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