Get psyched, folks. Mean Girls officially hits the double digit mark today, April 30th. That’s right. It’s time to put on every pink thing in your closet and celebrate everything, from your very own Burn Book to a shower curtain fit for a mathlete. Here are 28 totally fetch Mean Girls-themed products you’ve just gotta own. Get in, losers; we’re going shopping.

1. Quote Pencils + Burn Book ($24): When you have a beautiful Burn Book, you must have the perfect tool to write in it with. We have you covered with bright pink, quote-embellished pencils. And they even come with a brand new Burn Book for you! Yes, this is real.

2. Set of Two Printable Posters ($8): Here are a duo of typographic posters that Regina George would be proud of.

3. Is Butter a Carb? ($7): Whatever. We’re getting cheese fries.

4. We’re Going Shopping Tote ($22): You obviously need a fabulous tote to put all your goodies in! It’s a no-brainer. Take it to the grocery store, and you’ll be eco-friendly and terrifically stylish, all at the same time.

5. The Plastics Throw Pillow ($27): Who wouldn’t want a throw pillow graced with the outlines of the Plastics? This is the way to introduce Mean Girls decor (it’s a thing) to your house without going overboard.

6. Burn Book Phone Case ($14): For those of you with an electronic Burn Book, you still need the awesome cover. Get one for your iPhone or Samsung right here!

7. Fetch Greeting Card ($4): Why thank you, Gretchen. We think you’re fetch too (sometimes). All of you have a friend who definitely deserves this card.

8. Cool Mother’s Day Card ($4): Let’s face it. No matter how crazy her role is, Amy Poehler will always be a cool mom. But you know who’s even a cooler mom? Your own. And she deserves this card for Mother’s Day this year.

9. Limit Does Not Exist Patch ($7): There are so many possibilities with a patch — pillows, quilts, jackets? It doesn’t even matter.

10. Glen Coco Card ($4): Inspiring words to live by. Shouldn’t everyone just be as great as Glen?

11. Regina George’s Resources Mug ($15): Everything that makes Regina a Plastic, written on a mug. Perfect for your morning cup o’ bitter java.

12. She Doesn’t Even Go Here Mug ($15): Eat a cake made out of rainbows and smiles while drinking your jolt out of this mug, please.

13. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Tank ($22): What a perfect tank to wear to the gym on a Wednesday. Maybe you’ll even inspire a tradition.

14. You Go Glen Coco Banner ($10): Name your first child Glen Coco (we beg you) and hang this up on her birthday every year. Or, you know, don’t. It’s your choice.

15. Glen Coco Chanel Tee ($15): Despite not even being in the credits, Glen Coco is one of the best characters in Mean Girls. He’s even cool enough to replace Chanel on this tee!

16. You Can’t Sit with Us Tank ($15): It may not be the nicest thing attitude-wise, but style-wise? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

17. Totally Fetch iPhone 4 Case ($43): If they had iPhones in 2004, this would’ve been Gretchen’s case. Obviously.

18. Rainbows and Smiles ($14): Unfortunately, you can’t bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles. But you can bake a pretty pastel confetti cake. And that’s pretty much the same thing.

19. Girl World Minimalist Movie Poster ($19): Minimalist posters are some of the greatest things you’ll find on Etsy. And re-imagined movie posters are even greater.

20. Burn Book Minimalist Movie Poster ($9+): But wait, there’s more! This poster features the popular Burn Book. Ahh, which to get? Probably both.

21. Karen Clip ($55): Someone pinch us. We must be dreaming. Stella and Bow actually made an entire Mean Girls jewelry line. This hair clip is just one of the many Mean Girls-themed items they sell.

22. Janis Rose Gold Cuff ($110): While this item may be sold out right now, we’re including it in the hope that they’ll restock. The rose gold even has a pinkish hue, perfect for Wednesdays.

23. Africa + Swedish Wall Clock ($30): Oh my goodness. There are even wall clocks! That’s it, we’re buying them all.

24. Stab Caesar Wall Clock ($30): Only hardcore fans will remember this line. Who’s passing the trivia test?

25. Mathletes Shower Curtain ($68): Nerds, you’re actually kind of cool. I mean knowing stuff is pretty rad. So wear your knowledge with pride. And hide behind it when you’re naked.

26. Throw Pillow ($27): Love. That is all.

27. Regina’s Checklist iPad Skin ($25): Which is better, the mug or the iPad skin? Better get both just to be safe.

28. Quotes Throw Pillow ($27): All of the quotes on one pillow! It doesn’t get better than this, folks.

What’s your favorite Mean Girls moment or quote? Tell us who you’re re-watching with in the comments below!