Today is national Pi Day — the day we all pause a moment to celebrate mathematics. Why today? The digits of 3/14 match the first three digits of pi — the constant ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi Day got its start in 1988 at San Francisco-based science museum, the Exploratorium. But it didn’t become national holiday until 2009, when the House of Representatives made it official by passing Resolution 224. In honor of Pi Day, we offer 20 cookie-crusts pies to die for. Or if you favor a more savory type of pie, 17 breakfast-brunch pies.

I guess we could celebrate the day by solving a mathematical equation or other equally cool math-geek trick. But for the math-challenged among us, we’ll settle for just eating pie. Here are three national giveaways in honor of Pi Day:

1. Pizza Pie

Pizza Hut is offering 3.14 years of free pizza for anyone who can correctly solve three math problems.

2. Whole Pie

Whole Foods is offering $3.14 off the price of their pastry pies.

3. Piece of Pie

Perkin’s Pancake House is offering a coupon for a free slice of pie.

Bonus .14: Over at Nerdy Nummies they are making tiny cherry pie pi pops.

(Photo via Nerdy Nummies)