Everything from high fashion clothing to emojis to bones are getting in on the 3D printing action these days. And with custom online shops and super affordable printers popping up every which way we turn, why not? With so many advances in this uber cool technology, people have even started printing houses (yes, HOUSES) in Amsterdam and China. So it was only a matter of time before someone printed… a castle?

Yup, Minnesota-native Andrey Rudenko printed a castle in his backyard. It’s not a full-sized castle fit for a king and queen, but it is big enough to walk around inside.

The concrete structure took two years to complete from conception, and is just a precursor for what’s to come. Rudenko plans to make a full-scale house, but it probably won’t be in Minnesota; it’ll be somewhere that’s warm all year round. One reason the project took so long to complete is because concrete takes a while to set. Warmer weather speeds up the process.

While we seriously cannot wait to see how a 3D-printed concrete home functions IRL, we’re still in awe of the mini castle. We can’t help but think how awesome it would have been to have one when we were kids. If given the option over plastic playhouse or wooden treehouse, we’d choose concrete castle every time. Our heads are spinning with the possibilities for this crazy structure. Game of Thrones wedding venue, anyone?

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(h/t Tech Crunch)