When you can’t tweet ‘em, print ‘em! That’s our new motto that really only makes sense when we’re talking about these 3D printed emoji. But you guys will let it slide right, because — 3D printed emoji?!?!!?

This has been a really big week for combos of things we love: chocolate + LEGO, travel + jewelry + 3D printing, cheese + bread and now 3D printing brings it back around to buddy up with emoji for another way to take your love of the little emoticons into your real life.

These emoji come to you from the good folks at Good Custom Goods, who use digital fabrication (think, 3D printing and laser cutting!) to make printed iPhone cases with NYC neighborhoods etched onto them and these little desk or mantel treasures.

All of the Good Custom Goods goodies are made in NYC (that’s probably why this little guy has so much ‘tude ;) using sustainable manufacturing processes that produce little to no waste.

That deserves a hand clap, but we’ll use the above to show you how we feel about a business practice like that.

Their little yellow heads (plus that pesky little poo) run for $20 bucks a pop, or you can get the whole lot for $360. Bye, 3D printed roses, we know what we’re giving out in lieu of Valentines next year…

And since we always want to hook you up with a helpful DIY when we can, 3D NYC Lab shows you how to make a 3D printed emoji in the helpful video above.

What emoji do you need in real life? What’s the last emoji message you texted? ‘Fess up below!