3D printing is everywhere these days: From Valentine鈥檚 Day roses聽to exquisite聽culinary聽art, it seems like there鈥檚 no form that the space-age printing technology can鈥檛 achieve.聽But this development in聽3D printing takes the possibilities to a whole new level.

Danielle Grillo runs Transitions Hair Solutions, a New Jersey聽company that offers prosthetic hairpieces for people who have lost their hair due to alopecia or聽cancer treatments. Three years ago, Grillo learned of an Italian manufacturing process that can 3D print perfect molds of clients鈥 heads, which can be used to make ultra-precise fitting hairpieces. Her company has been offering clients these 3D printing-assisted hairpieces ever since, using real virgin hair and perfect prosthetic scalps that match each individual client鈥檚 natural coloring to a T.

鈥淓ven the hairdressers can鈥檛 tell it鈥檚 a hairpiece,鈥 says Sheri Valle, a cancer survivor who has been using one of Grillo鈥檚 3D printed pieces for nine months.

When Valle鈥檚 hair started growing back after chemotherapy, she underwent precautionary radiation that killed her hair follicles. She feels lucky to have found Valle鈥檚 company pretty early on.

鈥淚鈥檝e had several comments,鈥 Valle says. 鈥淧eople who have no idea it鈥檚 a hairpiece, saying 鈥業 love what you鈥檝e done with your hair.鈥 You can also get highlights, change color. Straighten, curl. You can style it like you would any hair.鈥

Plus, the perfectly-fitting piece adapts to Valle鈥檚聽body temperature. She聽loves that she can swim and do sports while wearing her hairpiece聽without any issues. 鈥淚 could even surf in it!鈥 she jokes.

鈥淚 survived this cancer,鈥 she says. 鈥淣ow I鈥檝e gotta live.鈥

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(Photo via Transitions Hair Solutions)