Tech can help you eat better, sleep better and work out better, but can it cure your glitchy green thumb? Of course it can. Even if your self-watering planters need some divine guidance, there are plenty of smart planters out there that can read the roots of your buds and blooms and take care of all the dirty work for you. This week, to Upgrade Your Life, we’ll show you the way to lead a green life.


1. An Indoor Greenhouse: If you have a little extra space and your living room could use some blooms, Niwa ($279+) is a full-on mini greenhouse where you can grow your own food or flowers. Inside this device is a full hydroponic system that will take care of all the feeding and watering for you. You can check in on your plant’s health from the app and just watch it grow. Who said gardening has to be difficult?


2. One-Pot Wonder: Want to start small with a simple herb or flower? The Kickstarter project Planty ($99) is just the thing to add some blooms to your nightstand or desk. This little pot monitors and records your plant’s health and then tells you how to be its new BFF by watering it at the right times and making sure it’s getting enough sun. You can even water your plant right from the app, no matter where you are.


3. A Countertop Harvest: We don’t want to cut down on your trips to the farmer’s market, but Countercrop ($259) could knock lettuce and herbs right off of your list. This dirt-free planter is equipped with a water tank and grow light, so you don’t even need a green thumb for a plentiful harvest. Can you imagine picking your salad ingredients right in your kitchen? From seed to bloom, you’ll be ready to eat fresh 3-4 weeks after you plant.


4. A Plant Whisperer: Got a potted plant that seems to have a death wish? Give it one more chance with Parrot ($65). This gadget is a little sensor that you stick right into your problem plant’s soil, and then you get the full scoop on the app. You’ll be able to track your plant’s sunlight, temperature, fertilizer and moisture levels. If your plant needs some TLC, you’ll get an alert right on your phone. You can even search for your plant in the app to get to know the species better.


5. A Reminder App: You don’t have to get a smart planter to plant smarter. Waterbug ($2.99 on iOS) isn’t quite as high tech as an auto-watering pot, but with this iOS app you just list what plants you have and note when you water them. Knowing the plant type, the app will alert you when you need to water again — simple as that.

How do you keep things green at home? We want to hear all of your gardening tips in the comments!