Oh, to be pregnant in the summer. Aren’t those mamas lucky? They get to wear flowy sundresses, flip-flops and super easy tees. But, you’re preggo in the winter and need to stock up on thermal gear, colorful coats and all-weather boots. Dressing for pregnancy in the winter months may seem like a challenge (especially with an ever-expanding baby bump), but before you stress, remember that shopping should be fun. So, grab those chunky knit sweaters, pull up your knee socks, and read on to see how you can create a pregnancy wardrobe that’s both fab and freeze-proof.


1. Layer Lover: One minute you’re chilled, and the next minute your hormones kick in and you’re sweating like you just took a crazy hard spin class. Leaving the house in a tank top or a flimsy cardigan just won’t do. Sure, they will keep you cool when you start to sweat, but they’re not exactly warm and snuggly (and they won’t combat the winter chill). Dress in layers to keep yourself cool when your internal thermometer goes up and warm when the temp outside drops. Layer a long-sleeved, loose top over a fitted tee, then add a sweater on top. Or, opt for light and heavy sweaters in layers.

2. Sweater Dress Stretcher: The more your belly grows, the harder it is to pull your regular sweaters over it. You try a size up, but it doesn’t exactly lay well on your bump. Go for comfort, style and warmth all at once with an extra-long version: the sweater dress. Dress up this easy option for work, or dress it down for a day at home. Pair it with simple black leggings and your favorite boots for added warmth.

3. Bottoms Up: Now that you have the top covered, your legs need something on them. Going with stretchy-waisted leggings (with boots!) is probably the easiest option. Look for a fleece-lined pair. They will help to keep the winter chill out. Maternity jeans (you know, the ones with the elastic waistband) are thick enough for cold-weather wear, but they probably won’t cut it when it comes to your work wardrobe. Don’t stress — you’ll find plenty of maternity dress pants available in thicker materials. Avoid full-on stretchy pants. They may not look as highly styled as a wool type (with an elastic band waist, of course).


4. Slip-Ons: Bending over to lace or zip up those stellar leather boots probably won’t happen in the later days of pregnancy. If bending isn’t on your activity agenda, stick to pull-on boots. They are easier to wear and will keep your toes just as warm.

5. Cute Coats: Depending on how much your belly has swelled, you may have to suck it up and invest in a maternity coat. Don’t worry, they’re totally as cute as the regular ones. A dressy pea coat or a more casual puffer (get in some extra glam with a faux-fur fringe around the hood) are easy options. Look for a neutral-colored coat. Sure, red or turquoise are fun, but you may need to buy additional coats to keep up with the rest of your wardrobe. Considering you’ll only use maternity wear once (or a few) times, you may want to keep your purchases to a minimum. If you’re in your first or second trimester, your regular winter coat may still work. You can always take a belt off, making the coat looser around the waist.

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