Sure, spring baby showers have fresh flowers to count on, and summer baby showers have sunnier themes to play with, but winter baby showers have a distinct perk that can鈥檛 be replicated. There鈥檚 a full-on stay-in, stay-cozy kind of vibe all winter long. So why not use that to your planning advantage? Here are five fresh ideas for the winter baby shower you鈥檙e planning right now.


1. Baby Is Coming 鈥 Game of Thrones Inspo: Send a raven and let your guests know that winter is coming鈥 and so is baby! The best part about this theme is that you can go all-out, GOT style, or you can use hints from the fantasy series in the invitations and a crown-topped cake for a little whimsical fun. (via Jennifer Skog / Inspired by This)

2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Celebrate the short days and long nights of winter with a sweet party theme that invites twinkly lights and sparkly accents into the decor. This theme is perfect for late-afternoon parties that go from daylight to dusk in a blink. (via HeartBeats Photo / Inspired by This)


3. Baby, It鈥檚 Cold Outside: Set up a hot chocolate bar and make room for a cozy gathering with a theme that gives a nod to the lower temps outside. Celebrate the mama-to-be with a party that feels like a big warm hug, with all her best friends and family. (via Mountain Modern Life / The Invite Lady)


4. Mountain Adventure: There鈥檚 something about the wintertime that makes people want to escape to a cabin for a weekend ski trip or just for some quiet time away. Use the wintery mountain spirit as inspiration to welcome the newest little adventurer into the world. (via 100 Layer Cake-let)

5. Cinnamon Glam: Cinnamon just goes with everything wintry: Sprinkle it over warm donuts, or top off a piping hot cup of hot chocolate. It smells spicy and sweet even through frosty cold air. Celebrate the little cinnamon bun in the oven with a glamorous and decadent winter gathering. (via Kara鈥檚 Party Ideas)

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(Featured photo via 100 Layer Cake-let)