Posting your unforgettable vacay pics to Instagram is a no-brainer these days, and it’s so much fun to watch the number of people who love your photos rise. With the insane camera quality in the latest iPhone, taking professional photog-esque pics has become way easier — and who knows, your unique shots could be sellable too! If you have all of the camera accessories, have mastered the IG tricks and are interested in turning your love into a bonafide side hustle, scroll on for some must-read tips we scored from Angela Ostafichuk, a Dreamstime Professional Photographer. Her insight is sure to help you snap all of the right shots.

Woman photographing Fuerteventura island

Before you start

Whether you’re hitting up your fave local beach or cafe or headed off for a worldwide jaunt, Angela suggests creating a loose itinerary of the things you’d like to see or do. This, she says, can help you remember to take shots in specific places you’ve read about or already know you like. She notes, “Schedule in some time for impromptu shooting as well, as you never know what you might come across on any given day.”

Equally as important, Angela tells us that you need to know how to back up your photos and should do it EVERY day after shooting, since — as she wisely states — “lost photos are lost money.”

Subject matters

1. New Angles: Angela tells us that landmark shots are the “bread and butter for commercial advertising and campaigns,” but they’re also the MOST photographed things. For example, on, there are almost 31,000 pictures of the Eiffel Tower alone. Wow! While this “doesn’t mean you shouldn’t photograph landmarks or that they won’t sell, you should work to find a unique perspective for each of your shots.” Think about incorporating natural light, the weather, a cool-looking reflection or simply snapping photos from different vantage points. This is the time to let your creativity shine, girl!

2. People in Their Element: There are more than 7 billion people in this world, each totally unique, and Angela says that capturing the human effect in photos is one of the most captivating aspects of an image. Since following all of the right legal measures is important when selling images, Angela advises, “If you’re shooting to sell on a specific site, bring model release forms from that site with you. That way if you come across people who will make your photo even more interesting, you can (legally) include them.”


3. Beautiful and Interesting Food: Food is ultra popular on Insta, so it’s definitely not a surprise that it’s one of the most searched-for topics on stock photo sites too. Angela confirms and notes, “When it comes to travel, food is one of the most characteristic aspects of a specific location and culture. This means that food isn’t just something you tasted — it represents the culture and heritage of wherever you are, so try to show it that way.” In addition to snapping the savory snacks or gorgeous sweets, she says to think about photographing the people making or selling the food too.

4. Memorable Art and Events: Museums can be a great place to snap some awesome shots, but be careful, as not all museums allow photography. Angela adds, “It’s always helpful to bring a tripod with you, in case there aren’t any good spots to stabilize your camera.” If you travel in the summer, which many people do, there is bound to be a parade, festival or other event you’ll stumble across. These can be a gold mine for great photo content too!


5. Awesome Architecture: Capture well-known buildings or structures from different points of view to showcase some of the world’s most impressive architecture. Angela says to photograph the same monuments and buildings at different times of the day, from different angles and with and without people in front of them. The mix of street scenes and lighting will tell a different story each time, which can be packaged together or sold as one-off images.


6. Off the Beaten Path Pictures: Angela tells us that one of the things she loves most about her job as a photographer is the exploration and learning, along with capturing something totally unique. Want to do the same? She suggests asking locals where to go if you’re traveling or taking time to explore and find new things if you’re close to home. She promises, “Pay attention to the small details around you and you’ll get more creative shots!”

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(Photos via Dreamstime and Angela Ostafichuk. Featured image via Getty)