I once retweeted “Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you sh*t about life.” That’s how much I believe in the power of a strong brow game — and it’s not just me. Having sculpted, defined brows has become extra-trendy over the past year (thanks, Cara Delevingne!) and for good reason: They frame your eye area, make your whole look more bold and just tie everything together. To me, brows are the finishing touch — the cherry on top, if you will — of a flawless face, regardless if you’re going for a natural or dramatic look. Brow products like gels, pomades, pencils and waxes help us fill ‘em in and bring ‘em out so they’re on full display, but a brow brand with a crazy cult following recently announced a totally new type of product that’s a game changer.


Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching a new type of product called the Brow Definer ($23) on January 7. What is a brow definer, you ask? It’s basically the best brow pencil you could ever use because it gets the job done while leaving your brows looking natural. Instead of having a super slim pencil tip to fill in your brows, a brow definer has a noticeably thicker, wider triangular shape that’ll not only make the application faster but also more natural looking. Use the flat side of the colored tip to outline the shape of your brows and then use the pointed edge to fill them in. This dual-ended product features a spooly on the other end so you can easily blend in your masterpieces (aka your brows). Basically, a brow definer is the next level version of a brow pencil which means your brows need it!

(h/t Byrdie)