With graphic eyeliner and neon makeup shades trending this season, you know by now that lining your eyes has become a next-level beauty move. Well, we’re about to take it up another notch with a totally out-of-the-box prop — magazines. And this time, you’ll be flipping through the pages for makeup inspo in a whole new way.

What if we told you that you could turn any pic, color or design you spot on the pages of the glossies into (essentially) eyeliner? It’s totally possible, and it’s going down right now — all you need is your fave fashion mag, eyelash glue, a pair of scissors and just a few other tools. Think: paper mâché meets cat eye for a look that’s sure to be a showstopper!

 – magazine

– white or clear eyelash glue

 – beauty scissors

– cuticle pushers

– tweezers

Flip through your magazines and find patterns or prints that intrigue you. I ripped out a pic of a model for the cheetah print, an underwater shot and cream shadow close-up for the blue tones and a picnic scene for those vibrant stripes.

Next, sketch the shape of your eye over the desired spot on each magazine page — it doesn’t have to be totally accurate, you can totally eyeball it ;) Then using your beauty scissors, cut out the shape of the eyeliner you’d like to wear. It can be any design, from a cat eye to more dramatic flicks. Use the first piece as your template to trace the liner for the other eye, just remember to flip the pattern over to the other side so that the piece fits properly. Use the first set of liner appliqués as stencils for any other designs you would like to make, then apply. Here’s how:

1. Place a small amount of eyelash glue on the back side of your hand.

2. Turn the first appliqué over so that the design you want to see is face down and cut it in half. This will make applying much easier, more accurate and more comfortable in the end.

3. Use your tweezers to pick up the outside piece first and very gently add glue to the bottom side (you only need a very very thin layer).

4. Place the piece onto your eyelid as close to the position as you can get.

5. Use the cuticle pusher to reposition and make any adjustments if needed.

6. Now apply glue to the outside piece.

7. Line up the edge that was cut to the piece you already put down and then gently push the piece down along your lash line.

8. Last, apply your favorite mascara!

The cheetah print turns into a splash of black and white that makes the eyes appear bigger and brighter. Turn to this palette when you’re looking to switch up your office look with this eyeliner hack.

We actually cut out pieces from two shades of blue to make this version come across like an ombre cat eye. To apply this one, you would just cut the outside flick off of the darker appliqué and use the lighter one in its place. It’s certainly a mess-free way to try hot hues — just peel off for a streak-free clean up!

Can you believe alllll the colors you can pack into your eyeliner with this DIY beauty trick? Of course the most colorful one is our favorite of the bunch. It’s a serious standout that will have you looking party-ready in minutes!

So are you going to try this beauty trick? Share pics of your DIY beauty looks (especially this one!) with us on Twitter.