The sunshine is out and the warmer weather seems to make outdoor workouts a bit easier to swallow. While following a jump-rope YouTube workout or checking out a new rock climbing gym in your neighborhood are great ways to keep your muscles guessing, over time, you may need some wilder ideas to shake things up and keep yourself freshly motivated. That鈥檚 when a聽crazy creative race聽or sport might be just what you need to change up your cardio routine. Try one of these nine alternatives to a traditional 5k, half- or full marathon, and stay outdoor active all summer long.


1. Run a beer mile: When the twist of a race is incorporating cold beer into the mix, we鈥檙e in. BeerFit offers runners a more classic 5k option, but the more fun, cooler cousin is the Beer Mile 鈥斅爓hich has you sipping down a beer before and after you run the one-mile course. (Photo via BeerFit)

Woman throwing a disc to the disc basket

2.聽Try your hand at disc golf: Even if you鈥檙e not quite ready to join the professional disc golf circuit, there are still plenty of tournaments across the country you can take part in this summer. And with only eight percent of PDGA members being female, we鈥檙e ready to see some more ladies out on the course. (Photo via Getty)


3.聽Test your navigation skills:聽Orienteering聽is a sport that was originally used as a military training program, but has evolved to now be included in the World Games. Grab a map and compass, and test your directional chops as you race to navigate through a controlled wilderness area.聽(Photo via Getty)


4.聽Get down and dirty: Sure, you鈥檙e still going to have to log some miles if you take on a Tough Mudder, but this obstacle course is nothing聽like a normal road race. There are no podiums, no winners and no clocks. Here, it鈥檚 all about mental toughness and pushing yourself to your limits and beyond. (Photo via Tough Mudder)


5. Go for a hike: The National Parks Service celebrates its centennial birthday this year, and what better way to honor the nature right outside our backdoors than by grabbing a group of girls and spending a few hours hiking the trails?聽(Photo via Getty)

urban scavenger hunt

6. Scavenger hunt your own city: Grab your boo or your bestie; you鈥檙e going to need them for this urban scavenger hunt on steroids. In teams of two or more, you鈥檒l attempt to solve the 12 clues that will take you throughout your city for a chance to win cash from Challenge Nation. Working our minds and our bodies? Yes, please. (Photo via Challenge Nation)


7. Go geocaching: Feeling a little adventurous? Grab a friend or head out solo to try your hand at a more far-flung scavenger hunt off the beaten path. Simply download the geocaching app and start searching and finding thousands of geocache packages in your area and beyond.聽(Photo via Getty)


8.聽Practice stand-up paddle boarding: If you鈥檙e lucky enough to live near a lake, ocean or really any other body of water, find the time to get out there and try stand-up paddle boarding. You can check out this ultimate guide聽on what to buy, then learn聽basics and even search for a local group in your area to get out on the water.聽(Photo via Getty)

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