Whether you’re using up the last of the rotisserie chicken or you’re making wings, chicken is a dinner staple for most families. The most popular poultry dish among the kids has *got* to be chicken tenders. But, that doesn’t mean that they all have to be plain, fried, and dipped in ketchup (although, we wouldn’t mind that). We adults like our tenders a little spicy, coated in pecans, or tossed in a light pan sauce, for starters. If you’re tired of catering to the kiddos, scroll down for 13 grown-up chicken tender recipes that you can enjoy with a glass of rosé.

1. Almond Dijon Baked Chicken Fingers: Any way that you can get more healthy nuts into your diet is great. When the vehicle is a juicy baked chicken tender, even better. (via My Modern Cookery)

2. Crispy Baked Buffalo Chicken Fingers: Buffalo anything is a guilty pleasure that we just can’t quit. These chicken fingers manage to stay super crispy, even though they’re baked and coated with spicy Buffalo. It’s nothing short of a miracle. (via Sallys Baking Addiction)

3. Chipotle Honey Chicken Crispers: You’ll be licking your fingers clean after eating these bad boys. They’re sweet, spicy, and sticky as heck, but they’re also SO addicting. (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)

4. Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips With Creamy Honey-Mango Dipping Sauce: Sometimes you have no choice but to bring the vacation to you. Thankfully, these crunchy coconut chicken tenders will do just that. (via The Cozy Apron)

5. Crispy Fried Chicken Tenders: These are actually totally kid-friendly, but you need classic fried chicken recipe in your arsenal. Serve with homemade ranch or honey mustard, and you could take out the fast-food industry. (via The Country Contessa)

6. Nashville Hot Chicken Strips: Hot chicken has pretty much taken over the chicken world as of late. It’s got such a unique spice to it, and now you can easily make it at home. (via Macheesmo)

7. Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders: Think of these tenders as a deconstructed chicken Parmesan. The outside coating is very similar, but instead of being baked with marinara on top, you can use it as a simple dipper. (via The Recipe Critic)

8. Baked Pecan Crusted Chicken Fingers: These restaurant-worthy chicken fingers taste like they should cost a pretty penny. Since you’re making them at home, you get to save big bucks and probably have leftovers for lunch. (via Sallys Baking Addiction)

9. Skillet Citrus Chicken Tenders: Chicken tenders don’t have to be breaded, baked, or deep fried. These citrusy skillet tenders are moist, flavorful, and go perfectly with rice. (via Cooking Classy)

10. Spicy Thai Chicken Tenders: Everyone has days where you want something fried and your favorite Thai takeout. These spicy chicken tenders will ease both cravings and put you in a pretty pleasant food coma. (via Domestic Superhero)

11. Sriracha Honey Chicken Tenders: A thick coating of Panko bread crumbs and high oven temp make these tenders extra crispy. Right before serving, give them a bath in a honey-Sriracha combo for all the sweet and spicy flavor. (via Salt and Lavender)

12. Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders: This versatile dish can either be a party appetizer or a quick weeknight dinner. All you’ll need is chicken, bacon, chili powder, and brown sugar to create your new favorite tender. (via Plain Chicken)

13. Low-Carb Baked Chicken Tenders: The bread-free coating on these chicken tenders makes them a hit for any low-carb lovers. Serve them on top of a salad for lunch or with zoodles and marinara for a speedy dinner. (via The Chunky Chef)

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