Ever gone on a trip and felt terrible about leaving your pet in a kennel, or home alone with only an occasional drop-in from a random pet sitter to keep them company? A new Australian company has done something ingenious to combat that feeling of guilt, taking the concept of Airbnb and adapting it for dogs, cats and hired helpers.

People willing to share their homes and pet-sitting services can register with Mad Paws, a site that securely connects them with people in need of a safe place to stow Fido or Fluffy for a few days while they’re away. Hello, adventure; goodbye, sadness.

Mad Paws

Simply type in your ZIP code, the dates you’ll need a sitter and the type and size of your pet. The site vets (no pun intended) all pet sitters’ profiles and keeps them honest via customer ratings and reviews. Mad Paws also offers booking guarantees and free liability insurance. And if you’re nervous about leaving Bruiser or Boo Boo Kitty in someone else’s home while you’re gone, you can flip the script and allow the sitter to stay at your place instead. The site offers both options.


While the service is only available in Australia for now, here’s hoping it goes global so the rest of us animal lovers can enjoy more peace of mind when we have to be away from our furry friends.

Pet owners: Would you use a service like this? Why or why not? Spill in the comments below!