We’ve come a long way since the typewriter, yet so many things about the keyboard have remained the same. Sure, we’ve gotten our fingers on futuristic laser projection keys, solar powered keys and other quirky varieties but they’re largely the same when it comes to use. Now AirType just might be preparing us for the keyboard of the future.

This innovative fusion of keyboard and wearable, AirType is two small cuffs that wrap around your hands and allow you to type on any surface… or no surface at all. Simply pretend you’re using a keyboard that’s not there and the cuffs learn your typing habits and translate them into words on the screen.

Imagine never having to backspace ever again. The intuitive device features dynamic text prediction to prevent you from hitting the wrong key, forever changing the way you work. AirType is currently in early prototype stage but sign up for their mailing list, and you’ll be the first to hear when it’s available for purchase.

Do you think AirType will replace traditional keyboards? Are you willing to give it a shot? Let us know in the comments below!