In this day and age, you can never be too careful or too safe, and luckily technology is here to help. Whether you live alone, have a chronic condition or just want to be cautious, you鈥檝e probably wondered before how you would ever notify someone in case anything ever happens. Enter Alert by HelpAround, an app that notifies your emergency contacts in case you鈥檙e ever in danger.

After you verify your phone number, you can add up to three emergency contacts. Once you have your contacts in place, the app will notify those individuals that they have been set as your emergency contacts. You can send unlimited SMS with your location, but a call subscription is $9.99 a month.


It鈥檚 particularly helpful for those who have diabetes, since you can go into the Settings and turn on 鈥淎lso notify nearby D-Helpers鈥 (that鈥檚 Diabetes Helpers). The app can also link to the Apple Health app and send you Blood Glucose Alerts.

All in all, it鈥檚 a good app to keep in the 鈥淛ust In Case鈥 folder. Stay safe, everyone.

DL It: Free on iOS and Android ($9.99 per month subscription for calls)

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