A quick scroll through Spy Kids star Alexa PenaVega’s social media pages would indicate that she’s over the moon for her husband, Carlos PenaVega — which is why fans were so confused that she’s seemingly ditched her canary yellow diamond engagement ring that her husband “built from scratch” for her.

After much confusion, the new mommy of one took to her Instagram to clear the air about why she’s frequently spotted without her bling: It’s definitely not due to trouble in paradise!

Instead, she’s actually replaced the bauble with something simpler and more understated to show her commitment to her marriage — and the reason why is so sweet!

“A lot of people were asking me why I hadn’t been wearing my wedding ring in some vlogs and posts… ” she wrote on Instagram. “As y’all know, I’m a new mama and ‘Los and I LOVE to adventure! I was worried I would scratch Ocean while wearing it or lose the ring during one of our adventures… so we just opted not to wear them for a little while. But our amazing and beautiful friend decided that we need adventure bands!!!”

From the looks of it, an “adventure band” is a simple, understated piece of jewelry meant to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life (or, in the PenaVegas’ case, beyond). The couple’s new bling was designed by Leenabell and features a single band of hammered metal in rose gold for Alexis, silver for Carlos, with no fear of catching on anything or falling off.

So far, so good: as the 29-year-old notes, “They have already managed to survive the island waves” (the family recently made the move to Maui, Hawaii).

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(Photo via Araya Diaz + Charley Galley/Getty + @vegaalexis)