Singaporean business student Grace Ciao is taking fashion illustration to new heights. She takes flowers and creates stylish dresses with ‘em — on paper, that is. It’s creativity at its finest, folks. And after seeing these mixed-media masterpieces, you will never look at flower bouquets the same way again. Guaranteed.

A few months ago, a girl with a passion for fashion and a serious illustration talent experimented with a decaying rose she received from an admirer. After plucking the petals (he loves me, he loves me not…), she thoughtfully placed them atop some of her delicate drawings.

Then, she snapped a pic and posted to her Instagram declaring, “These outfits are made entirely out of a single stalk of rose!” From then on, she’s been cranking out tons of inspiring pieces with a variety of pretty petals.

Her delicate designs haven’t stopped at flowers, though. Recently, she’s been experimenting with VEGETABLES. If only we really could wear our salads

Scroll down for some more drop dead gorgeous eye candy.

Belle, is that you?

Umm… can someone say breathtakinggggg?!?!

We’re getting serious flower girl inspo.

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(h/t Huffington Post)