From early AM yoga class to after-work sweat sessions, getting to and from the gym can start to feel like more hassle than it is worth. And when you have the added pressure of getting ready for your day or girls’ night out immediately after heading to the gym, the task can be even more overwhelming. Insert the Trimr All-In Gym Bag. While it can’t give you an updo, it can keep your dry and wet clothes separate and carry all of your post-gym beauty essentials in one spot. Best of all, it’s trendy enough to rock outside of the gym without slacking on your style.

Currently live on Kickstarter, this all-in-one bag was created with smart design choices that take their cues from high-performance outdoor gear. The two styles — the All-In Studio and All-In Tote — are each designed to hold contents that are 100 percent wet, 100 percent dry and everything in-between.

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The coated wet/dry compartments inside the bag expand to fit dry, clean gym clothes and the water-proof compartment expands to simultaneously isolate wet and sweaty clothes. Oh, and did we mention that it also includes a coated liner that is moisture and odor proof? No need to freak out when you leave the extra deodorant at home.

Open Bottom Compartment

The innovation doesn’t stop there either. In addition to the 24-karat gold hardware and side pocket for your smartphone, a water-repelling silicone base keeps the bag standing straight up on gym floors and locker rooms for easy access.


Worried about all your accessories? It’s got a coated, water-resistant electronics compartment, ample interior pockets, an interior water bottle holder and rubber grips on the straps, which are designed to hold a yoga mat. If you want to get your hands on this fitness lover’s gym bag, you’ll need to act quick. The project has less than one week left on Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds to go into production. It can be yours for a pledge of just $88.

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(Photos via Trimr)