The 5-Minute Updo to DIY If Kendall Jenner Is Your Topknot Queen
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The 5-Minute Updo to DIY If Kendall Jenner Is Your Topknot Queen

By now you know how obsessed we are with every variety of topknot there is. After seeing it time and time again on the red carpet and as a solid street ‘do, we’re convinced it’s this year’s standout look. One of our topknot muses is Kendall Jenner, especially ever since she stepped out at the American Music Awards with that chic knotted updo.

Kendall’s hairstyle totally looked like a half donut, which is why we’re dubbing our very own version the “Do-Knot.” We’ve recreated her stellar do-knot so you can DIY it any day of the week, with or without bangs (but always maintaining that rocker edge).


Let’s create a high ponytail to start this epic look. After you secure it with an elastic band, twist it tightly. This step will ensure your top knot is held together. Make sure to leave some hair on the sides to give this look that effortless model feel.


What makes this look unique is its donut-inspired shape. Replicate Kendall’s look by bringing your twisted ponytail down and forward. Keep tension in your twist and pin your knot facing forward toward your face.


Continue wrapping your twisted pony around your bun to form its donut shape. Pull the end of your pony through the middle of the bun.

Next pin those ends into place. This technique helps the hair stay in place and creates this donut-shaped style.

There you have it! Now you’re living life like a top model, on and off-duty ;) The simplicity and fierce edge of this look transitions well from work to play.

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Hair: Maritza Buelvas of Beauty For Bloggers

Photography: Jennifer Coffey of Jennifer Coffey Photo

Model: Jacolyn Carrasco

Location: Beauty For Bloggers Studio

(Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)