This weekend, activist Rose McGowan took to Twitter to call out those who are planning a 鈥減rotest鈥 at the Golden Globes next month. After calling out Meryl Streep (and others) over their decision to protest sexual misconduct in Hollywood by wearing black, some fans weren鈥檛 happy with the TIME 鈥淪ilence Breaker.鈥 But, her call-out, whether or not fans of Streep liked it, made a point worth paying attention to, even if it came in a gruff package.

The 鈥渟ilent鈥 Globes protest will be participated in by the women attending the show, who have agreed to wear black as a way to show support for women affected by the seemingly rampant sexism and abuse in Hollywood. McGowan responded on Twitter, saying (among other things), 鈥渁ctresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for [Weinstein], are wearing black @GoldenGlobes in silent protest. YOUR SILENCE is THE problem. You鈥檒l accept a fake award and breathlessly affect [sic] no real change. I despise your hypocrisy.鈥

McGowan also sarcastically suggested that maybe the actresses should just show up to the awards in Marchesa gowns (Marchesa being the label co-founded by Harvey Weinstein鈥檚 wife, Georgina Chapman). As a result, many were understandably upset with her attack on women in Hollywood.

But the tweets (which have since been deleted), do make a good point. What McGowan was trying to say was that still showing up at the awards at all removes any of the gravity surrounding the protest at all. Protests, arguably, aren鈥檛 about showing up and supporting the status quo; they鈥檙e about uncomfortable conversations, disruptions, and bold statements. But as others are pointing out, attacking other women for doing their best can鈥檛 be considered the most progressive, either.

McGowan鈥檚 friend, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress Amber Tamblyn, was among those to take issue with McGowan鈥檚 tirade. Tamblyn took her disagreement with the Grindhouse star to Twitter herself, laying out why so many found McGowan鈥檚 now-deleted tweets unsettling.

鈥淩ose McGowan is a friend and while I support her kind of movement, I do not support any woman (or man) shaming or taunting the movements of other women who are trying to create change. Telling us to all wear Marchesa? This is beneath you, Rose,鈥 the star tweeted.

An activist in her own right, Tamblyn continued her thread, saying, 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to support and stand with us, but we stand and support you. You may take below the belt shots at us but we will not take them at you in return.鈥 She went on to explain that the actresses participating in all-black Golden Globes protests aren鈥檛 trying to pat themselves on the back or effect change overnight; it鈥檚 just the start of a new movement in Hollywood. She ends on a positive note.

鈥淎nd we stand together in this fight, shoulder to shoulder, weapon to weapon, woman to woman (and man), body to burned body. And our arms are open. And our hearts two-fold. And our fire will be a universal scorch. Heed the mantra: #ChangeIsComing

McGowan has moved on from her initial Saturday accusations, going back to tweeting support for women coming forward in the wake of assault allegations, and Streep has yet to comment on the now-deleted call out.

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