Let鈥檚 be honest: Trekking across the country isn鈥檛 easy鈥 especially when you鈥檝e just spent hours going through TSA and have experienced a two-hour flight delay. One major airline gets it, which is why they just announced a new amenity that鈥檚 taking their customers鈥 spirits up a notch (in all literal senses).

On January 18, American Airlines announced they鈥檒l be offering more flights between Chicago and New York as an expansion of their existing shuttle service. Now, there will be 15 flights between the two cities every day of the week. And best of all, the airline is making FREE beer and wine available to all passengers on these flights. Economy included.

Free alcohol on flights

But the good news doesn鈥檛 stop there. The increased O鈥橦are to LaGuardia routes also include extended check-in times. So instead of scrambling to get to ticketing per usual, you鈥檒l be granted a 25-minute window to get registered (if you鈥檙e not checking a bag.)

This new shuttle addition will start on April 4 and comes as the result of an increase in customers heading to the East Coast. These are some of the airline鈥檚 top customers, so ultimately, catering to them was a priority when it came to putting these changes into play. 鈥淲hen you fly frequently for work, anything that can make the regular commute more comfortable is important,鈥 says Alison Taylor, American鈥檚 Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Distribution. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 why we鈥檙e pleased to offer valuable time-saving opportunities with our Shuttle, including a convenient and consistent schedule and extended check-in times for you and your bag.鈥

A better airport experience and free booze? We鈥檒l drink to that.

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