Dunkin’ vs. Starbucks: Why One Coffee Chain Is Better

dunkin vs starbucks

It’s the classic clash of the coffees: Dunkin’vs. Starbucks. In order to get to the bottom of this iconic cafe rivalry, you’ve gotta dive into what each side offers and really suss it out for yourself. Everyone’s got their own preferences when it comes to coffee, of course, but I think the superior choice is crystal clear. 👀

I’ll be breaking down the key differences of the two coffee giants in order to settle the grand old Dunkin’ vs. Starbucks discourse for good. Let’s get into it to find out who wins in the battle of Dunkin’ vs. Starbucks.

Why do people prefer Dunkin' over Starbucks?

Image via Dunkin'

A lot of people prefer going to Dunkin’ over Starbucks for their coffee fix because it’s cheaper in comparison. Additionally, Dunkin’ has a more generous rewards system that gives customers better deals than your typical Starbucks dealsand rewards.

Is Dunkin' trying to compete with Starbucks?

Image via Dunkin'

Yes, Dunkin’ is trying to compete with Starbucks. While Starbucks has over 15,000 locations around the US and Dunkin’ has around 8,500, The Streetreports that rather than opening thousands of new locations, Dunkin’ is trying to compete with Starbucks by expanding their menu offerings and product lines.

By leveraging their partnership with Coca-Cola, Dunkin’ has brought a wider range of ready-to-drink canned iced coffees, coffee roasts, and coffee creamers to grocery stores where they’re likely to drive revenue and increase brand awareness past their cafes.

The chain also has increased engagement with a range of celebrity endorsements and collaborations, most recently with rapper Ice Spice and actor Ben Affleck.

What are good drinks to get from Dunkin'?

Image via Dunkin'

Based on my experience, there are tons of good drinks to get from Dunkin’. In terms of espresso-based drinks, the Caramel Swirl Iced Latte and the Iced Pink Velvet Macchiato from the Dunkin' Valentine's Day menuare my favorites. The Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher, the Iced Matcha Latte with vanilla, and the Berry Burst SPARK’D Energy Drink from the 2024 Dunkin’ spring menu are the best non-coffee Dunkin’ drinks I’ve tried thus far!

What are good drinks to get from Starbucks?

Image via Starbucks

I was a Starbucks barista for a hot minute, so I have lots of experience with the best drinks to get there. I’ve tried many different Starbucks drinks with many different customizations, which can make it hard to pick.

My top Starbucks hot drink has to be either a hot Matcha Latte with oat milk and peppermint syrup or a White Mocha with oat milk. I also really enjoyed the Lavender Creme Frappuccino from the Starbucks spring menu! For something colder, you can’t go wrong with a Pistachio Cream Cold Brew. The Iced Black Tea Lemonade is also super good for hot days!

Image via Dunkin'


If you ordered a medium cold brew, a blueberry muffin, and a sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich from Dunkin’, it’d cost around $13.07. If you ordered the same thing from Starbucks, it’d cost around $12.85.* Though this made-up order favors Starbucks (less cost), Dunkin’ is typically considered the cheaper option.

According to Investopedia, Starbucks has a higher cost of goods which translates to overall higher menu prices than Dunkin’.

*Calculated from menu offerings near Denver, CO. Prices may vary by location.

Image via Starbucks


I counted 27 different drinks on Dunkin’s menu, while Starbucks’ offerings surpassed 90. Dunkin’ also has 16 food items on their menu (with an additional 90 different donut flavors alone), while Starbucks’ offerings amounted to 69 food items.

Starbucks' breakfast menuis a lot more robust than Dunkin’s, relying more on breakfast sandwiches than sugary donuts. While Dunkin’ does have those more protein-packed foods, too, Starbucks definitely does it better in this department. Starbucks also has a lot more pre-packaged snacks and foods you can reach for when you’re on the go!

Many people have a bone to pick with Dunkin’s quality, but I’ve never come face to face with a Dunkin’ drink I didn’t like. I think it’s just as good as Starbucks espresso, considering how good you can really make fast food espresso. I believe that both chains have a process for standardizing their drink recipes, so many times, you can order the same drink at different locations and it’ll taste the same. This has been my sole experience, so maybe I’m just lucky!

Image via Dunkin'


Both Dunkin’ and Starbucks offer drive-thru, in-cafe, and mobile app pick-up ordering formats. Starbucks has one more exclusive ordering method with Target Drive-Up.

From my experience, all of the above methods for ordering are accessible and easy to order through. I personally prefer drive-thru when it comes to a coffee run, but haven’t had any mishaps with the other options.

When it comes to the in-cafe experience, Starbucks is the name of the game. They’ve come to be one of the most famous ‘third places,’ offering free WiFi and seating to those working remotely, meeting friends in-person, or those just seeking a soothing coffee sit-down.

I’ve found that while Dunkin’s in-store locations are accommodating, they’re not quite as comfortable and cozy as Starbucks. Starbucks has certainly formed a big part of their brand around coffee culture, and it shows.

Both chains, from what I’ve experienced, have lovely employees who are ready to help if something’s gone awry with my order. All of their staffers have had a pleasant attitude when I’ve pulled up to the drive-thru, which makes going there even more enticing.

Image via Starbucks


Dunkin’s rewards system, Dunkin’ Rewards, operates on a point-based system, where you earn 10 points for every $1 spent. The deals start at 150 points (just $15), which gets you a free 3-count pack of donut holes, with the potential to earn even more points for larger rewards like lattes and sandwiches.

Dunkin’ Rewards has a better deal when it comes to birthday freebies – you can earn 3X points on purchases made the day before your birthday, your actual birthday, and the day after your birthday.

Starbucks Rewards operates on a stars system, where you earn 1 star for every $1 spent. The deals start at 25 stars ($25), which gets you one free drink customization (shots, syrups, and type of milk), with the potential to earn more stars for bigger rewards.

Contrary to Dunkin’s offers, Starbucks birthday freebies are only available the day of your birthday via rewards.

Dunkin’ Rewards is definitely the better deal in this case. I think earning more rewards for less is what it should be about, plus the Dunkin’ system is carefully designed to benefit returning, frequent customers. It feels good to save! While Starbucks Rewards technically does the same, you have to spend a lot more money there to even get a free drink. The Dunkin’ app runs flash deals a lot more frequently than Starbucks’ does, too.

Which one is better, Starbucks or Dunkin'?

Image via Dunkin'

Everyone has their own hot take on the Dunkin’ vs. Starbucks debate, but I think Dunkin’ is the clear winner, as they offer generous rewards for going regularly and very competitive menu prices. Both coffee chains have their own pros and cons (and similarities, for that matter), so the ‘winning’ choice has more to do with your personal preferences for the kind of coffee you drink!

Where do your loyalties lie with the Dunkin vs. Starbucks debate? Let us know in the comments!

It goes without saying that no salad should cost more than anyone’s hourly wage, but that seems to be where we’re at with things.

Inflation continues to inflate, and I feel the pressure of it every single day. From rent prices (yikes!) to the weekly grocery bill (even bigger yikes!), nearly everyone is tuned into the absurdity of how expensive it is to simply get by.

Consumers are not immune to the crushing financial weight of merely existing and are increasingly hesitant to spend their money liberally, especially atfast food joints. Perhaps this is why many popular chains are promoting deals that allegedly get you more bang for your buck.

Image via Chili's

For example, Chili’s just started targeting fast food lovers by introducing the Big Smasher Burger as part of their 3 For Me menu which includes the sandwich, fries, bottomless chips and salsa, and a bottomless drink for a grand total of $10.99. Their main selling point for the Big Smasher? It has twice the amount of beef as a Big Mac.

Image via Starbucks

Starbucks is also flexing savings on menu items. They’ve significantly increased their rewards cadence over the past months, now offering 50% off drinks every Friday in May. Their US sector saw a 7% decline in traffic in 2024’s second quarter.

Image via McDonald's

Given the expensiveness of it all, it’s no surprise that McDonald’s has plans to step up their affordability game. According to Fox Business, the chain’s been working on their ‘Best Burger’ initiative to bring a “larger satiating burger" to customers for similar prices as what’s already on the menu.

In the same vein, McDonald’s is also reportedly interested in offering a $5 meal deal that could include a McChicken, a McDouble or four-piece chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink. It’s unclear as to when they’d roll it out (or if they actually will), but it’s clear they have their eyes on distant, once-regular customers.

Photo by Marco Fischer / PEXELS

This is appreciated and all, but do we really owe these fast food companies a ‘thank you’? A report from Groundwork Collaborative found that corporate profits accounted for about 53% of inflation in Q1 and Q2 of 2023, compared to 11% of inflation in the 40 years prior to the pandemic. So while prices skyrocket for consumers like you and me, corporations are earning more and more even though production costs for them have “substantially” decreased.

Photo by Ab Kazaam / PEXELS

I get it – completely eliminating dining out is near impossible. I’m not saying that scooping up a little *discounted* treat – or even a regularly-priced meal – every once in a while is a bad thing. It’s just important to remember that these fast food companies aren’t necessarily looking out for you, but instead, their profits.

As you look for ways to economize on fast food and otherwise, take advantage of the many ways you can actually save money. Coupons, birthday freebies, happy hours, and restaurant surveys are just a few methods to navigate the madness. As a certified Dunkin’ girl, you'll still catch me grabbing a bite to eat around town. I'm just hoping we can all catch a break.

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Lead image via McDonald's.

Cozy comfort shows are a good idea any time of year — and along with Gilmore Girls and Sweet Magnolias, Sullivan's Crossing proves it. The CW show had an incredible first season full of family drama, romance, and real-world stakes set against a nostalgic camp background, and Sullivan's Crossing season 2 is only going to take things up a notch. After you've asked yourself these 5 Major Questions After The Season 1 Ending, read up on everything you need to know about this year's trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Where can I watch Sullivan's Crossing season 2 in the US?

Image via Fremantle/The CW

Sullivan's Crossing season 2 is coming to The CW this fall! The newest episodes are already on TV in Canada, but they're coming to American screens soon. The series premieres last year on October 4, so there's a good chance we'll see another October release.

Who's in the Sullivan's Crossing season 2 cast?

Image via Fremantle/The CW

In Sullivan's Crossing season 2, we'll see the return of Morgan Kohan as Maggie and Chad Michael Murray as Cal, as well as Scott Patterson as Sully. Tom Jackson, Andrea Menard, Lindura, Allan Hawco, Lauren Hammersley, and Amalia Williamson also star.

What is Sullivan's Crossing season 2 about?

Image via Fremantle/The CW

We know right off the bat that Sullivan's Crossing season 2 picks up after some crazy (and spoiler-filled!!) cliffhangers: Sully's in the hospital, Maggie is pregnant, and Lola stole the note Cal wrote Maggie before leaving. Morgan Kohan told Brit + Co last year that the new season required her to play chess and watch medical videos to prep. But no matter what changes we see, community will still be a huge aspect of the series.

"Those relationships between characters where they're just getting to talk and communicate and just have those real open-heart moments, I feel like that is the center of the show," Kohan says. "So every time we get to come back to that, it kind of feels like a coming home."

How many episodes are in season 2 of Sullivan's Crossing?

Image via Fremantle/The CW

Sullivan's Crossing season 2 has 8 episodes.

Is Sullivan's Crossing coming back in 2024?

Image via Fremantle/The CW

Yes, Sullivan's Crossing is coming back in 2024! The series was renewed for a second season in June 2023, and they filmed during the summer and fall of 2023.

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TheDunkin' summer menujust hit stores on May 1, and I was so excited to get my hands on the new lineup! In addition to an all-new Refresher flavor, Dunkin’ launched two unique coffee-based drinks and three fun food items (both sweet and savory) to coordinate with the summer season. Of course, I had to see what all the hype was about via a bonafide taste test.

Here are my honest thoughts about the new items on the Dunkin’ summer menu, so you know what’s worth trying! Let's get into it!

Watch Me Review The New Drinks

Watch Me Review The New Food Items

Iced Vanilla Frosted Donut Signature Latte

First up, the Vanilla Frosted Donut Signature Latte. This one is so sweet. But so addicting! It may not be the prime choice for those who don’t like sweet drinks, though. I *do* like my coffees fairly sweet, so I didn’t think it was overwhelming when I tried it.

More than anything, this latte simply delivered joy once I got it in my hands. It’s topped with a good amount of whipped cream and a healthy dose of rainbow sprinkles, which fix just about any bad day as far as I’m concerned.

Blueberry Donut Coffee

I go wild for blueberry cake donuts, and I expected the new Blueberry Donut Coffee to taste just like one. I was a bit disappointed when it didn't! I got more of a donut flavor rather than a blueberry one when I sipped down the iced version of this bev.

All things considered, I still loved my first impression of the new Blueberry Donut Coffee. I got it iced (duh), and with cream, it came out to the perfect, most beautiful coffee color. It had maybe 75% of the Vanilla Frosted Donut Signature Latte’s sweetness, which meant it was still sweet enough for my liking.

This could be a great go-to order when you don’t quite want espresso, but are still looking for a nice caffeinated sipper.

Kiwi Watermelon Refresher

The first thing I wrote down in my tasting notes about the brand-new Kiwi Watermelon Refresher was: “MMMMMM SO GOOD.” And I stand by that!

Upon first sip, I got a refreshing (ha, get it?) swig of kiwi flavor and watermelon flavor, which was very nice and evenly balanced. I could see myself gulping this one down at the park or on a road trip this summer! It honestly tasted like candy, which I am not mad about a single bit.

That being said, most of the Dunkin’ Refreshers are really sweet, so if you like milder drinks, you may not fully like this newcomer.

I also got to try the Kiwi Watermelon Refresher with lemonade – a new thing for Dunkin’. I really loved it! With the lemonade, I still got the full effect from the kiwi and watermelon. It was never overpowered, unlike other fruity lemonade beverages from similar coffee chains.

Watermelon Burst Donut

I was really hesitant to try this new menu item because I normally don’t associate watermelon with donuts. One thing about the new Watermelon Burst Donut is that she’s messy… This sweet treat is coated in tons of pink, watermelon-flavored sprinkles and filled to the brim with watermelon jelly.

The first bite I took was just of the donut dough itself – and it wasn’t half bad! My only complaint at that point was the fact that the pink sprinkles got all over the place. They made my lips and mouth messy, and fell off into my lap and around my car. Yikes!

The second bite, of course, included some of the watermelon jelly. This is when I decided that the Watermelon Burst Donut just isn't for me. The bready part was good, but the jelly was super sour – just not what I'd prefer from a donut as a chocolate girlie. I wouldn’t order it on my own accord.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Chocolate chunk cookies are classic – you can’t deny that! You also can’t mess it up, IMO. Dunkin’ hit the nail right on the head with this new packaged snack. First of all, I adore the size of the Chocolate Chunk Cookie. It’s huge and packed with big chocolate chunks – as it should be!

There’s a nice variety with texture in this cookie, too. I found that the chocolate chunks were creamy and sweet, while the rest of the cookie was crunchy and downright cookie-like. It made eating it fun!

The pre-packaged-ness of it all is also super nice for snacking on-the-go, or even saving for later (midnight snack, anyone?).

Green Goddess Wrap

Seemingly a direct competitor for Starbucks’ popular Spinach Feta Wrap, the new Green Goddess Wrap from Dunkin’ thoroughly impressed me. Unlike its counterpart, the Green Goddess Wrap is delivered with a very nice texture. I find that other options typically get soggy (after being warmed and put in a bag) and fall apart, but this one didn’t get that way at all.

I loved that the outside of the wrap got a little bit crispy, while the inside stayed gooey and warm. While the texture is quite enjoyable, I was left wishing for more flavor from the wrap’s contents.

Even if it was lacking a bit in flavor, you could easily doctor it up with spices, salt, or hot sauce. More than anything, I appreciate that the Green Goddess Wrap provides a substantial option for breakfast, brunch, or lunch via drive-thru.

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Photos via Dunkin' and Meredith Holser.

There’s nothing better for the soul than a few days offline with my home team. My boys, baby girl Lumi, husband Dave and I recently jetted off to Hanalei, Hawaii for a much-needed escape from work, school, and all the day-to-day things. And it was WORTH it. We spent our days at the beach, evenings lounging and playing at our vacation stay, and really connecting in ways that I truly treasure.

Before and After: Removed sign in background with Adobe Lightroom’s Generative Remove

Dave and I are both passionate about photography, but with three kids in tow, capturing the perfect travel photos takes a little creative work. You either get the shot and edit later, or miss the moment. Moments like this dreamy rainbow shot with Lumi are not to be missed!

My go-to hack for creating the perfect photo? Adobe Lightroom. It’s literally in my back pocket to make sure I can capture all those fun, adorable moments with the kids while on the go. With the Lightroom app, I can live in the moment knowing I have everything I need to edit photos of my favorite memories quickly and easily later on. For this rainbow shot, I was able to remove the sign in the background so the focus is on Lumi and her rainbow.

Adobe Lightroom is like a professional photo editor right on my phone with everything from remove tools cropping features, one-tap presets or filters for pictures, videos, and reels.

Before and After: Removed background people and beach gear with Adobe Lightroom’s Generative Remove

Powered by Adobe Firefly AI technology, Lightroom recently introduced a brand-new feature, Generative Remove, which makes it so easy to remove a photo bomber in the background, beach debris from my travel photos, stains on the kids' clothing, and the inevitable toy clutter in the background. Thanks to AI, it’s smart enough to replicate the background when you remove people, toys, and even busy patterns – no smudges, distortions, or dark spots! And it’s as quick and simple as cropping a photo or adding a preset.

Before and After: Removed my son in the water with Adobe Lightroom’s Generative Remove

Here’s a great example: Using Lightroom’s new Generative Remove feature I was able to remove my son, who wasn’t planning to be in the shot, from the background and then brighten the photo in Adobe Lightroom in literally minutes. It’s now one of my favorite photos – a framer for sure!

Before and After: Removed people in background and debris in foreground with Generative Remove

I used the Generative Remove feature to remove my fellow tourists in the background and the debris in the foreground here too. Now it's the perfect shot!

Adobe Lightroom’s Lens Blur tool has all these new presets to add a blur effect in a single click for things like portrait backgrounds, food photography, city lights, street photography, and more. I used it here in the background.

Before and After: Removed leg and foot with Adobe Lightroom’s Generative Remove

And for those everyday moments, make your little one the center of attention by removing distractions. For example, my leg got caught in the shot when we finally saw that big smile, so I removed it later using Lightroom.

After a fun day with the kids, I love to revisit those memories and search for the highlights recorded in my phone, clean them up with my magic wand – the Adobe Lightroom app – and share them with friends and family. It’s my time to be creative and a perfect ending to my wild adventures with my mini squad.

Learn more about the new Generative Remove and Lens Blur features at Adobe Lightroom.

Photos by Dave and Brit Morin.

I've worn so many iterations of Vans shoes in my day. The black and white checkered slip-ons and the high top skate shoes have done me good since my middle school days, and admittedly, I still even have a few in my closet that I was sporting in the school hallways. Oh, nostalgia!

Though I’ve dipped my toes into other shoe styles like New Balance sneakers and Birkenstock sandals as of late, I still can’t deny the sheer timelessness of Vans – and they’ve come a long way from what they used to be.

Vans is still rockin’ with their classic silhouettes, but they also have some super exciting new ones like Mary Janes and loafers (I know, right?!). Some of the coolest Vans I’ve been eyeing also approach the ever-so trendy “It” girl shoe territory, much like the famed Adidas Sambas. 👀

Scroll on for 11 groundbreaking Vans designs that’ll absolutely influence your next shoe purchase!

Classic Slip-On Checkerboard Stackform Shoe

A classic! An OG! I salute this shoe! I love this platformed iteration even more, too. You get an instant boost from the 34 mm thick rubber soles, and they're so easy to slip into with the elastic inserts on each side. These shoes are fitted with Vans' signature rubber waffle outsoles for added traction when you walk.

The Classic Slip-On Stackform Shoe is also available in black, white, and cream for $70.

Old Skool Stackform Shoe

These sneaks are named 'Old Skool' for a reason – they're a classic Vans staple! Of course, you've gotta have the recognizable contrasting side stripe. Like the first Vans listed, these get stylishly pumped up with thick platformed soles. The lace-up upper is made from a mix of durable suede and canvas that can withstand lots of wear and weathering.

These are shoppable in 5 more colorways for $80.

Style 53 Heavy Canvas Shoe

Let's hear it for these cute Vans loafers! I love that they're the proper style for the office, but are comfy enough for your commute. Vans touts these as the grown-up version of their original 90's creepers. They have a slip-on fit for ease, boast a slightly textured canvas upper, and sizable rubber soles for added traction.

The Style 53 Heavy Canvas Shoe is available in 4 other colors for $70.

Sport Low Shoe

Adidas Sambas, who?! These skate-inspired retro Vans boast an eye-catching color palette that easily rivals the currently cult favorite. The outer layer is made from fuzzy suede and leather accents. The v-shaped side stripe gives this pair instant brand recognition, too. The extended tongue with a bold "Off The Wall" graphic adds a nice curb appeal, if that's what you're shopping for.

Though playful in color, these sneakers are straightforward enough incorporate into everyday 'fits and they come in tons of color combos for $75.

Mary Jane Shoe

I see you, Vans. I am obsessed with this more femme expression of their shoes! I remember the first Vans Mary Janes from the Vans x Lisa Says Gah! collaboration being sold out for ages, but now, there are countless colors to shop from. These sporty shoes flaunt a low profile, contrast stitching, a rubberized toe, and the classic Mary Janes strap with an adjustable gold buckle. They're classy yet casual, so you can style them any way you want, really!

There are 8 more colorways to shop from for just $60. I love to see that price. As they've been since my middle school days, Vans is affordable, but their quality and durability is simply unmatched.

Hylane Shoe

Reminiscent of some famous Nike and New Balance designs, the Hylane Shoe is just dripping in old school aesthetic. The leather and synthetic upper is ultra-chunky and padded, taking inspiration from skating shoes. The lightly-treaded outsole flexes the Vans logo, but the side stripe and puffy tongue clue you into the brand immediately.

I love the bold look of this green among the white, but there are 4 additional colors to pick from for $90.

Authentic Shoe

These Vans give a super fun and sunny pop of color, especially for summertime! A brighter take on their classic Authentic Shoe which was first introduced in 1966, this newer interpretation boasts round laces instead of flat ones, a thin canvas upper, and an exceptionally low-rise silhouette that's easy to wear with anything.

These come in tons more colors and patterns for just $60.

Slip-On Perf Leather Shoe

The leather upper on these slip-ons gives such a slick and sleek appearance. They're like and elevated version of the OG canvas slip-ons, and they're superbly easy to dress up or down based on your mood. These Vans are pretty flat in design, but are surrounded by comfortable padding around the ankle. They also have a nice cushy insole for added comfort.

As you can imagine, these come in tons of colors. They cost $65.

Lowland ComfyCush Shoe

So sporty! These lace-up shoes with the "flying V" graphic recalls vintage Vans styles. In fact, they're inspired by an archival 80's silhouette originally designed for playing tennis! I adore that they're super colorful with lots of playful accents that have personality. These sneaks are fitted with Vans' ComfyCush™ footbed and outsole for extra softness. The logo is embossed on the thick soles and tongue.

There's a handful of colors to pick from for $90.

Authentic Lowpro Shoe

I love me some nuetrals with a pop of color! These low-laying shoes have contrasting fat, fuzzy laces that offer a breath of fresh air. The suede upper feels sophisticated without being out of place. Like the Authentic Shoe with a slimmer shape, these don't boast a ton of extra bells and whistles, so they're great for everyday wear.

You can find the Authentic Lowpro Shoe in 3 more colors for $60.

Knu Stack Shoe

Get a major boost from these 34 mm chunky platforms! They are very skater-y, which could be a cool contrast to a more polished ensemble. These flaunt a suede upper, 3D side stripe, oversized laces, and a puffy tongue for a total throwback vibe. I enjoy the earthy color palette of these shoes, but you can find them in 4 more colorways for $90.

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Images via Vans.