Whether it’s learning how to eat healthy at the airport or scheduling a fresh produce meal plan, we love finding out about new ways to improve our eating habits. That’s one reason why we were loving the idea of the crowd-sourced Soylent, which is a meal supplement (or replacement, depending on who you ask) in packet form. With Soylent sales up 300 percent this year, the market for on-the-go energy is clearly there. But now there’s another food-related crowd-funded product that’s giving Soylent some serious competition. Ample competition, in fact. It’s called Ample Meal, and the founders just launched a funding campaign on Indiegogo.


Ample Meal is a comprehensive healthy meal drink “ideal for anyone feeling challenged to incorporate healthy meals into their busy lives.” Yeah, that sounds like most of us. Offering non-GMO, gluten-free and organic ingredients all bottled up and ready to mix with water or the milk of your choice (hey, almond milk), it’s a convenient nutritional option that also has 73 percent less sugar, 47 percent fewer carbs and 70 percent more protein than its competitors, like Soylent. But heads up! It’s not vegetarian, since it includes grass-fed collagen as a source of protein.


If you want to try out Ample Meals from the get-go, head over to their Indiegogo campaign to donate and get some early-bird specials. Only one day into their funding campaign, Ample Meals has raised 85 percent of their $50,000 funding goal. Whoa, that’s impressive!

If you’d rather wait until Ample Meals are released, each drink will be slightly more than your Starbucks latte at $4.50 to $6 each. They’ll be sold in two sizes: 400 calories and 600 calories. Described on their Indiegogo page as nutty and chocolatey, here’s to hoping it’s as tasty as it is, well, ample.

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(Photos via Ample Meal)