Amy Schumer is undeniably quirky 鈥 just take the fact that she鈥檚 fully willing to hijack someone鈥檚 Tinder account and teach us how to get off of an inflatable flamingo, for example 鈥 which is why you can never predict what she鈥檒l do next. And, no joke, you will never guess the SUPER WEIRD reason she just bought a stranger a $2,000 mattress.

Amy Schumer

The strange events unfolded when Schumer found herself in a totally relatable situation: She had to pee. Out for a run in Chicago, she suddenly needed to visit the washroom, but instead of jogging into the nearest Starbucks, the celeb dodged into a mattress store called Six Corners Mattress Firm.

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Though the manager, Sagine Lazarre, didn鈥檛 recognize the star (granted, she *was* all sweaty and surely not red-carpet ready), she let Amy use the private washroom. The celeb was apparently so grateful, that before leaving, she asked the stranger what her favorite mattress was. Surely thinking she was about to make a sale, Lazarre was totally surprised to find out that Schumer was curious because she planned to purchase the item for the helpful woman.

Which she did. A super shnazzy mattress that cost a cool $2,000. That鈥檚 one heck of a 鈥渢hank you鈥 just for letting someone use the bathroom. Although, maybe Amy Schumer REALLY had to go.

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