Forget handwriting, your favorite drink, what plaid you prefer or your profile picture 鈥 the real way to understanding your personality traits is through your eyebrows.


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At least that鈥檚 what beauty mogul and browficianado Kylie Jenner wanted to explore, so she sought professional face reader Jean Haner to do a reading on her and the rest of the KarJenner clan鈥檚 iconic arches.

鈥淵ou guys know how obsessed I am with eyebrows,鈥 Kylie recently wrote on her blog聽and app. 鈥淚 was looking at a photo of me and my sisters recently, and I couldn鈥檛 believe how different our brows are 鈥 like, no one has the same shape!鈥

While it鈥檚 true that the Kardashian and Jenner sisters all wear their brows a little differently, they do share some pretty sweet face-framers. Check out what each of their brows say about them 鈥 and what yours say about you!

Rose Gold

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1. Kylie: Jean says that Kylie鈥檚 Instagram-perfect full brows show that she 鈥渢ends to be pretty sure she鈥檚 correct in her outlook and her decisions, even if other people disagree with her,鈥 and that she has 鈥渁 clarity of mind that many people can lack.鈥 Sounds about right for a teenage bazillionaire!

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2. Kendall: The more natural and diagonal shape of Kendall鈥檚 brows indicates quickness of thought and decision making.

3. Kourtney: The more rounded and high-arched the brow, the more kindness, good taste and strong principles a person possesses, according to Jean.

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4. Kim: Kim鈥檚 long, strong brows represent 鈥渁 woman who knows what she wants and how she鈥檚 going to get it,鈥 and a 鈥渨ell-organized, logical mind.鈥 We鈥檇 say this one is weirdly accurate!

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5. Khloe: Jean says Khlo鈥檚 brow curves indicate an analytical mind and confirm a person鈥檚 value for their relationships.

As different as their brows and personalities may be, we鈥檝e gotta say 鈥 that last point applies to the entire notoriously close KarJenner crew.

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